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Pack your bags for Sydney

One of Australia’s most popular cities is Sydney, and with good reason. The city is considered an important metropolis attractive in many ways. Apart from its natural beauty, this port city in the state of New South Wales on the country’s East coast is a hive of activity, innovation and growth. It is then no wonder then that the city is also a migrant first choice. In fact, it is estimated that Sydney alone is home to migrants from more than 252 different locations all over the world. Over a million people in Australia were not born in the country and almost all families have parents, grandparents and great grandparents who came to the country as migrants.

Pack Your Bags For Sydney

Just South of Sydney is the Australian capital Canberra making Sydney conveniently located to serve as an economic power house of the country.


The official Australian governmental website says that foreigners are attracted to their shores for the exceptional quality of life offered in the country with Sydney being a firm favourite amongst international migrants.

“Australia is blessed with fine weather, friendly people and a stunning and diverse natural landscape. Its lifestyle is similar to that of North America and Europe when it comes to work and leisure, and Australia and North America share similar legal systems, education systems and business cultures,” states
Three of Australia’s major cities recently made it to the Mercer’s Top Twenty Five Most Liveable Cities in the World list. Perth ranked 22nd, Melbourne placed 16th while Sydney was placed in 10th position.

Forbes also rates residents of Australia as the third happiest in the world.

The study based its findings on the results of a liveability study done on world cities. The study revealed that the cities that ranked best were all mid-sized cities in wealthier countries. The report found that these cities typically had lower population densities which had a direct effect on crime levels and the efficiency of the infrastructure. Sydney is one of these cities.

Sydney scored 100% for both infrastructure and education in the study.

This could be reason enough that over a third of Sydney’s culturally diverse population are immigrants, with a large portion of the city’s population speaking a language, other than English, in their homes.

Sydney offers a secure environment for families, with excellent facilities and infrastructure and top educational and training facilities.

As Australia's largest state offers world class training and education. New South Wales is the firm favourite destination for international students. Schools and tertiary education institutions in Sydney have an international reputation for high-quality curriculum and innovative teaching. Currently, more than a third of all students in Sydney are migrants or descendant of migrants.


According to a World Health Organisation report on life expectancy, released earlier this year, the Australian quality of life is so good that Australian men are expected to reach an age of 80.5 years. This places men living in Australia in the top three countries internationally when it comes to reaching a ripe old age. Aussie women are placed sixth on the survey they still outlive their male countrymen by more than 4 years.

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