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Plumbers, Mechanics, Electricians, Teachers, Carpenters and Locksmiths: Australia wants you!

Qualified and experienced Plumbers, Motor Mechanics, Electrical Engineers / Technicians, Carpenters, Joiner and Cabinet Makers, Secondary School Teachers and Locksmiths – did you know you have a bright future and ample career opportunities in Australia?

Plumbers Mechanics Electricians Teachers Carpenters And Locksmiths Australia Wants You

Can you believe that Australia will even make it easier for people in your profession to migrate there with the help of a work or residency permit?


Many people might believe that Australia would only grant visas to academics, medical professionals and people employed in the IT-field, this is simply not true! Tradesmen are some of the most sought after professionals in Australia.

Annually the Australian government identifies how many of these, and some other professionals, are required to continue to make their country the great place it already is.

Tradespeople and teachers are in high demand Down Under and the country is actively recruiting thousands of people with these skills to work and live there. This year the Australian department of immigration and border protection have set aside more than 5000 visa for experienced plumbers. Over 6000 Motor Mechanics will receive a visa on application. 

Secondary School Teachers are in very high demand with the country aiming to allocate almost 8500 visas to teachers.
Carpenters and Joiner Cabinet Makers are sought after too with almost 7300 visas available to people in this profession while a 1000 locksmiths are needed too.

Are you a tradesman and interested in obtaining your visa so that you can live and work in one of the best nations on the planet? Apply for our free assessment online...




This is how you go about applying for your Skilled Independent Visa for Australia

This visa is for Australian Permanent Residency. Permanent Residents in Australia are allowed to remain in Australia indefinitely. This visa also allows you to travel to and enter Australia for five years from the date the visa is granted. This Permanent Residency visa allows for your family to join you.

This visa is for you if you:

• are under the age of 50 years
• have the required competent English language skills
• have your skills and qualifications that meet the Australian standard, for an occupation on the Skilled Occupation List (SOL).

With this visa you and your family would be permitted to live and work anywhere in Australia upon activation of your visa.
Once your occupation has been confirmed as a skill shortage on the SOL list (the trades mentioned above are on this list), we will then calculate your points.

Australia requires applicants to score a minimum of 60 points. Your points are generally made up of, but not limited to the following criteria: Age, English Language ability, work experience and qualifications. You would now be eligible to apply for a Skills Assessment based on the assessing authorities’ criteria.

The SOL list will advise you on the assessing authority that will assess your application. Please note that for certain trade occupations for certain listed countries, TRA (Trades Recognition of Australia) will ask the assessing authority known as VETASSESS, to conduct the skills assessment on their behalf and also do a technical interview where required or a practical assessment in a workshop environment where required.

Do I need formal Qualifications?

Yes! Australia would require formal qualifications for this visa subclass. Most general/non trade occupations would require a minimum of 1 year of post qualification work experience and a general minimum of 3 years post qualification work experience for trade occupations.

Processing Times and Visa Requirements

Most skills paper based assessments would take approximately 3 months. If practical assessments are also required, this would be subject to available practical dates as designated by the skills assessing authorities. Once available practical dates have been issued for trades, the practical assessment is usually conducted over 1 day.

Once your application has reached the final application stage – which is the processing of your application by the Australian Department of Immigration and Boarder Protection - processing times may vary, depending on your points count.

It is safe to say that the process from Skills Assessment to Visa application can take between 6 months to 1 year depending on your individual case.

The Main Requirements are:

• Valid Passport
• Academic qualifications
• Evidence of work experience for each period of employment
• Birth Certificate
• Evidence of English Language ability
• A clear criminal record (Certain cases can be discussed on a case by case basis, should there be an issue).
• A clean bill of health (Certain cases can be discussed on a case by case basis, should there be an issue)




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