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Popular questions that case workers encounter every day

Popular questions that case workers encounter every day:

Popular Questions That Case Workers Encounter Every Day

Being a case worker is always interesting and no day is ever the same. I really love what I do and there is nothing better than contacting a client in order to let them know that their application has been approved. You then realise that you had a part in changing the future of your client and their family for now and a generation to come.

Frequently asked questions:

1.How long will my application take?

We as case workers can work as quickly and as thoroughly as possible, provided that we get all of the required documentation from clients. Once we submit the application, assessing authorities, states and the Department of Immigration and Boarder Protection all have their own processing times. If a department is over worked, as with most government departments, delays can happen. We can work as quickly as possible on our side, however once it is in an authorities hands, all we can do is follow up and hope that they processing times are adhered to.

2 .My overall IELTS score says:

Australia’s Department of Immigration and Boarder Protection looks at each area of the test and not the overall score. Some assessing authorities and some states may differ however the Department of Immigration and boarder Protection looks at the lowest score of your IELTS test.

3. But I have family in Australia:

Having family in Australia is great to have as a support structure when you get to Australia and this may also influence the state that you live in, however this does not make a major change to your visa application. You would still need to go through the same process as everyone else, except if you have a spouse or someone that you are going to marry for example, then there would be specific visa routes.

4. My occupation is not on the SOL or CSOL list, but I have a lot of job offers:

Applying under the skilled visas, your occupation needs to be on either the SOL list or the CSOL list. Only in very extreme circumstances may this be different, for example if this is a specific position required by the government or the military. The fact that a company might need a long distance truck driver for example, does not mean that the government would see this as a necessity. This is the reason that the government publish their own lists, which they feel would impact the work force positively in Australia.

We welcome questions about Australia.

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