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Retiring, consider Australia as one of the world’s best retirement spots

Australia is considered one of the 6 best countries to retire to.

Retiring Consider Australia As One Of The World’S Best Retirement Spots

Besides being consistently voted the happiest country in the world, Australia also offers the perfect setting for retirees. We took a look at what the land Down Under offers retirees and how to go about retiring in Australia.

Perhaps you have already decided to retire in a foreign country, but have you considered that various visa conditions of your favourite countries? Understanding the various visa options available to you is an important part of making your ultimate where-to-retire-overseas decision.

Countries that made the list include Belize, Ecudor, Nicaragua and Panama. These are all similar but vary in the minimum monthly incomes required to qualify, as well as the particulars of the tax and other discounts.

In Asia, Malaysia comes out tops followed by Thailand as a favourite among retirees from all over the world.

But if you are interested in a country that is considered one of the top first world industrialized nations you need look no further than Australia. Besides the country’s spectacular natural beauty the out-door life-style and ambient weather is similar to that of South Africa.

Australia is also an English speaking nation making the adjustment to life Down Under much easier while the Ozzie way of doing business is very similar to that of South Africa but offers top rate service of the highest western standards.

Australia allows the retiree to easily travel outside the country while exploring Asia – which is within easy reach of the Australian continent, or to return to South Africa to spend time with the kids and grandkids in South Africa before returning ‘home’.

Persons in possession of an Australian visa also find it very easy to visit New Zealand and even other Commonwealth countries like Britain and Canada.

South Africans 55-years and older wanting to retire to Australia will apply for an Investor 405 Retirement Visa. This is a temporary visa but is relatively easily renewed.
This Visa would entitle you and your spouse to live in Australia provided you have access to a minimum income of AU$65 000 per year, but it is AU$15 000 less should you chose to settle in regional Australia.

Applicants for this visa are required to commit to a significant long-term financial investment into the country. You would also be required to provide proof of adequate health care for both you and your partner.

Good news for the young at heart and active South Africans wanting to make the move to retire in Australian, this visa allows you to work in Australia for up to 20 hours a week and you can travel back to South Africa to visit the family or explore Asia for up to four times every year.

It is in your best interest to speak to a professional immigration consultant like New World Immigration when investigating your options. The New World Immigration team consist of professionals who specialize in various Australian visas and the particular requirements for each visa.

Your consultant will answer important questions you might have about acquiring your Australian visa such as who can by your visa sponsor or what the asset requirements of this visa entails and advice you on the minimum income required in this particular visa group.

Specializing in Australian visas the team will give you up to date advice while having your visa application processed in the most professional and efficient manner.

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