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Securing employment in Australia as a migrant – we answer your questions

Keep reading, we tell you how to go about taking those first steps in your immigration journey by answering a few questions most of our clients have when they meet the New World Immigration team for a consultation.

Securing Employment In Australia As A Migrant – We Answer Your Questions

Q. How do I secure a job in Australia?

A. Finding and securing a job will most definitely contribute to your successful visa application and of course you will have something to go to. For this reason many South Africans wanting to immigrate Down Under go through a lot of worthwhile effort to find the perfect job in Australia.


1. Is your job listed on Australia’s Occupations Shortage list?

Australia is actively recruiting international talent to supplement their local workforce. The country needs to fill a number of positions to ensure its continued economic strong-hold and future growth.

For this reason Australia identified a number of professions of which a shortage of suitable candidates exist in their own labour market and are encouraging migrants to fill these positions. The Australian Department of Immigration and Border Control also make visas more accessible for migrant candidates deemed to be a good overall fit for the country and are able to prove that they will be able to positively contribute to Australian society.

Speak to your New World Immigration practitioner about this and find out if your skill or profession is listed amongst the more than 200 jobs listed on Australia’s Skills Shortage list.

2. Do your qualifications carry international recognition?

The next step is to find out if your qualifications and trade affiliations carry international recognition. Your NWI agent will be able to assist you with this as it is vital to your application that your credentials will be acknowledged as useful by the Australian government.

3. Set up appointments to meet with prospective employers.

It is always a good idea to meet prospective employers in person. This way you will get a good feel for the company’s culture and the conditions under which you will be working. It also affords you the opportunity to convince your new boss of your suitability for the job.

4. Get your CV Oz-ready

You probably have a CV and might think it is great the way it is, but make sure it is Oz-ready. Your NWI agent will give you tips and guidelines about the format and wording of your CV to give you your application the edge and generate more interest in your job application.

Q. That sounds great, but what is a Point’s Assessment and how do I go about it?

A. The Australian Skills Assessment procedure involves answering a number of questions of which contribute to your perceived desirability as a member of the Australian society. In other words, Australia wants to see if they really want you and they know this by the figure you score on your point’s assessment. You will be awarded points for a number of things you bring to the table and these points add up to a figure which indicates if your visa application will be considered or not.

Persons between 25 and 45 are awarded more points than those older or younger than this age bracket. You should be able to prove your English language proficiency and that you are a model citizens by producing a clear criminal record. Your qualifications and experience (if recognized) will add weight to your application and having secured a job in Australia will be a massive plus.

NWI will do a free Point’s Assessment for you before you start the visa application process and this will serve as a very good indication of your likely success.

Q. I’d like to apply for Australian Work Permit. What do I do?

If you are keen on applying for Australian Work Permit you would have to apply for this under their 457 work permit option.

To be able to apply for this visa you will have to secure a job in Australia and produce evidence of a job offer and this will mean that your skills must be listed on the Occupation Shortage list we elaborated on earlier in the article.

You should discuss this with your NWI agent who will determine if this is the visa for you and what your chances of success is if you apply for Australian residency.

Q. It sounds like a lot of work and like it can be complicated… What to do?

You are right. Immigrating can be a very time consuming and complicated process to undertake. It is also a legal process and you cannot afford to make mistakes with your application as you will, no doubt, face rejection of your application. This is where New World Immigration comes into play. The team of experienced immigration agents are recognized and accredited by MARA – Australia’s Migration Agents Registration Authority and will facilitate the entire process which ultimately gives your application the best chance of success and removes the burden from your shoulders.


The team is ready to meet with you for a free consultation and to discuss you options.

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