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Skills Assessment for occupations

Skills Assessment for occupations

Skills Assessment For Occupations

Why trade occupations have to do a paper based application and a practical assessment?

When applying for a position within the trade industry, you will need to be assessed by means of a practical test and a paper based test in order to clarify whether or not you possess the skills needed for the position you wish to apply for.
It will be necessary for you to complete a TRADESET test, which can be found online. You will then be assessed to find out if your skills; experience and work experience do in fact meet Australian Trade requirements. If you do meet the requirements, the next step will be the technical interview.

What is a Technical Interview?

A technical interview allows you the opportunity to discuss your knowledge and skills with a qualified assessor. This can be done via a web interview or a face-to-face meeting. This type of interview is a good option for people who are not qualified in their field, but do have work experience.

What is a Practical Interview?

A practical interview allows you to show how you apply your knowledge and skills via a number of practical tasks. You will also be interviewed by an assessor face-to-face in conjunction with the practical interview. This test is mandatory for all licensed occupations.

Applying for a Trade Occupation - Who is eligible?

You are eligible if you are applying for migration and you are:

• Applying for one of the occupations on the qualifying list.
• A citizen from one of the countries on the qualifying list.
• A skilled tradesperson.

Obtaining a list of the qualifying countries and occupations is as easy as pie! All that you need to do in order to get your hands on these lists is to contact one of the professional immigration experts at New World Immigration.


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