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South Australia listed over 180 Occupations from Airplane Pilots to Winemakers


South Australia has just released a list of over 180 occupations to be included as State nominated Occupations for 2018/2019.

The long list covers a great variety of occupations and as is normally the case it is especially the engineering, health and information technology fields that are well represented.  Your occupation might very well be listed which means that South Australia could consider issuing you with state or regional sponsorship!


The Skilled Occupations List covers occupations that are not being filled by locals but are needed to ensure the welfare of the state.  The state is therefore willing to issue sponsorship to viable candidates who meet the state and Australian government’s immigration criteria.  Viable candidates are persons with appropriate training, recognized education and relevant experience in the listed occupations. 

South Australia Skilled Occupation List as at 6 August 2018

ANZSCO Code    Occupation                                                         Skills Assessment Authority

121213                  Fruit or Nut Grower                                        VETASSESS

121214                  Grain, Oilseed or Pasture Grower             VETASSESS

121215                  Grape Grower                                                   VETASSESS

121216                  Mixed Crop Farmer                                         VETASSESS

121221                  Vegetable Grower                                           VETASSESS

121312                  Beef Cattle Farmer                                          VETASSESS

121317                  Mixed Livestock Farmer                                VETASSESS

121318                  Pig Farmer                                                          VETASSESS

121321                  Poultry Farmer                                                  VETASSESS

121322                  Sheep Farmer                                                    VETASSESS

121411                  Mixed Crop and Livestock Farmer             VETASSESS

133411                  Manufacturer                                                    VETASSESS

133512                  Production Manager (Manufacturing)     VETASSESS

133611                  Supply and Distribution Manager              AIM

134211                  Medical Administrator                                   VETASSESS

134212                  Nursing Clinical Director                                                ANMAC

134214                  Welfare Centre Manager                              ACWA

134299                  Health and Welfare Services Managers   VETASSESS

135112                  ICT Project Manager                                       ACS

135199                  ICT Managers nec                                            ACS

139913                  Laboratory Manager                                       VETASSESS

139914                  Quality Assurance Manager                         VETASSESS

139999                  Specialist Managers nec                                VETASSESS

141999                  Accommodation and Hospitality Man.    VETASSESS

149212                  Customer Service Manager                          VETASSESS

211311                  Photographer                                                    VETASSESS

211499                  Visual Arts and Crafts Professionals          VETASSESS

222111                  Commodities Trader                                       VETASSESS

222112                  Finance Broker                                                  VETASSESS

222113                  Insurance Broker                                              VETASSESS

223211                  ICT Trainer                                                          ACS

224112                  Mathematician                                                 VETASSESS

231111                  Aeroplane Pilot                                                 CASA

231113                  Flying Instructor                                               VETASSESS

232212                  Surveyor                                                              SSSI

232214                  Other Spatial Scientist                                    VETASSESS

232312                  Industrial Designer                                          VETASSESS

232411                  Graphic Designer                                             VETASSESS

232412                  Illustrator                                                            VETASSESS

232413                  Multimedia Designer                                      VETASSESS

232414                  Web Designer                                                    VETASSESS

234112                  Agricultural Scientist                                       VETASSESS

234213                  Wine Maker                                                       VETASSESS

241111                  Early Childhood Teacher                               AITSL

241511                  Special Needs Teacher                                   AITSL

242211                  Vocational Education Teacher (Trades)   TRA

251214                  Sonographer                                                      ASMIRT

251412                  Orthoptist                                                           VETASSESS

251511                  Hospital Pharmacist                                        APharmC

251513                  Retail Pharmacist                                             APharmC

252411                  Occupational Therapist                                  OTC

252511                  Physiotherapist                                                APC

252611                  Podiatrist                                                             APodC / ANZPAC

252711                  Audiologist                                                         VETASSESS

252712                  Speech Pathologist                                          SPA

253914                  Ophthalmologist                                              Medical Board of Australia

253917                  Diagnostic &Interventional Radiologist   Medical Board of Australia

254111                  Midwife                                                               ANMAC

254311                  Nurse Manager                                                 VETASSESS / ANMAC

254411                  Nurse Practitioner                                           ANMAC

254499                  Registered Nurse (all)                                     ANMAC

261111                  ICT Business Analyst                                       ACS

261112                  Systems Analyst                                                               ACS

261212                  Web Developer                                                 ACS

261311                  Analyst Programmer                                       ACS

261312                  Developer Programmer                                 ACS

261313                  Software Engineer                                           ACS

261314                  Software Tester                                                 ACS

262111                  Database Administrator                                ACS

262112                  ICT Security Specialist                                     ACS

262113                  Systems Administrator                                  ACS

263111                  Computer Network & Systems Engineer ACS

263112                  Network Administrator                                 ACS

263113                  Network Analyst                                              ACS

263211                  ICT Quality Assurance Engineer                  ACS

263212                  ICT Support Engineer                                      ACS

263213                  ICT Systems Test Engineer                            ACS

263299                  ICT Support and Test Engineers nec          ACS

272511                  Social Worker                                                    AASW

272613                  Welfare Worker                                                                ACWA

311111                  Agricultural Technician                                  VETASSESS

311213                  Medical Laboratory Technician                   AIMS

311215                  Pharmacy Technician                                      VETASSESS

311216                  Pathology Collector                                         AIMS

311299                  Medical Technicians nec                               VETASSESS

311411                  Chemistry Technician                                     VETASSESS

311412                  Earth Science Technician                               VETASSESS

312311                  Elect Engineering Draftsperson                  Engineers Australia

312312                  Electrical Engineering Technician               TRA

312511                  Mechanical Eng Draftsperson                     Engineers Australia

312911                  Maintenance Planner                                     VETASSESS

312912                  Metallurgical Technician                               VETASSESS

312999                  Building & Eng Technicians                           Engineers Australia / VETASSESS

313112                  ICT Customer Support Officer                     TRA

313113                  Web Administrator                                          ACS

313199                  ICT Support Technicians nec                        TRA

321111                  Automotive Electrician                                   TRA

321211                  Motor Mechanic (General)                          TRA

321212                  Diesel Motor Mechanic                                 TRA

321213                  Motorcycle Mechanic                                     TRA

321214                  Small Engine Mechanic                                  TRA

322211                  Sheetmetal Trades Worker                          TRA

322311                  Metal Fabricator                                               TRA

322313                  Welder (First Class)                                         TRA

323211                  Fitter (General)                                                 TRA

323212                  Fitter and Turner                                              TRA

323213                  Fitter-Welder                                                    TRA

323214                  Metal Machinist (First Class)                        TRA

323412                  Toolmaker                                                          TRA

324111                  Panelbeater                                                       TRA

324311                  Vehicle Painter                                                  TRA

331111                  Bricklayer                                                            TRA

331112                  Stonemason                                                      TRA

331211                  Carpenter and Joiner                                      TRA

331212                  Carpenter                                                           TRA

331213                  Joiner                                                                    TRA

332111                  Floor Finisher                                                     TRA

332211                  Painting Trades Workers                               TRA

333111                  Glazier                                                                  TRA

333211                  Fibrous Plasterer                                              TRA

333212                  Solid Plasterer                                                   TRA

333311                  Roof Tiler                                                             TRA

333411                  Wall and Floor Tiler                                         TRA

334111                  Plumber (General)                                          TRA

334112                  Aircon/Mechanical Services Plumber       TRA

334115                  Roof Plumber                                                    TRA

341111                  Electrician (General)                                       TRA

342111                  Aircon & Refrig. Mechanic                            TRA

342311                  Business Machine Mechanic                        TRA

351111                  Baker                                                                    TRA

351112                  Pastry Cook                                                        TRA

351311                  Chef                                                                      TRA

362212                  Arborist                                                                TRA

362213                  Landscape Gardener                                      TRA

362311                  Greenkeeper                                                     TRA

393213                  Dressmaker or Tailor                                       TRA

394111                  Cabinetmaker                                                   TRA

394213                  Wood Machinist                                               TRA

411211                  Dental Hygienist                                               VETASSESS

411213                  Dental Technician                                            TRA

411214                  Dental Therapist                                               VETASSESS

411311                  Diversional Therapist                                      VETASSESS

411411                  Enrolled Nurse                                                  ANMAC

599915                  Clinical Coder                                                    VETASSESS

612112                  Property Manager                                           VETASSESS

612115                  Real Estate Representative                          VETASSESS



Source: MigrationSA (South Australia)

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