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South Australia may consider fast-track visas for skilled migrants

Work visas applications of qualifying skilled migrants, wanting to immigrate to regional South Australia, will receive priority treatment and fast-tracked processing times if Australia’s Trade Minister, David Ridgway, get his way.

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In what is considered great news for would be migrants, the move will address South Australia’s stagnant population figure and will encourage economic growth.  Ridgway, who met with Federal Ministers for Immigration, David Coleman, and Population, Alan Tudge, on Monday, believes immigration is the best way to address the growing population, and subsequent talent, shortage in the state.

“If we have skills shortages, we want to fill them as quickly as possible,” Mr Ridgway said adding that, “We are keen to up our share of skilled migrants.”

Mr Ridgway said South Australia had job shortages in most industries hampering infrastructure growth, business investment and economic advancement.

“The skills shortage is just as important, and in some cases even more, in regions of South Australia,” he said.

Premier Steven Marshall has also written to new Prime Minister Scott Morrison, restating his support for a tailored migration program.

Industry heavyweights also met last week to devise a plan which they say could help the Federal Government drive the changes needed to attract more skilled migrants to specific regional SA.


“These recommended changes will assist in addressing a genuine unmet demand for labour and the long term retention of people who have a genuine intention and desire to live and work in regional Australia,” said Mark Glazbrooks, Chief Executive of Migrant Solution a think tank for industry and business  role players.

The stagnation of the population figures of South Australia seems to be a concern for most residents of the state when a pole in ‘The Advertiser’ revealed that seven out of 10 South Australians believed too many young people were leaving the state.



Source: Adelaide Now and the Advertiser

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