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South Australia Work Visa holders could soon pay school fees

South Africans in possession of a temporary Australian work visa, commonly known as the 457 visa, could be expected to pay for their children’s South Australian school education from next year.

South Australia Work Visa Holders Could Soon Pay School Fees

Announced in December last year, South Australia state government has proposed a public education contribution fee for 457 visa holders.


This affects families on 457 visas whose children attend public schools in South Australia. This move will affect a significant number of families settled in South Australia.

These proposed changes are aimed at bringing South Australia in line with some other Australian states and territories and how they manage contributions towards public education.

From January 2017, newly arriving 457 visa holders will be required to contribute to the cost of educating their children in government schools. This requirement will then extend to all 457 visa holders from 1 January 2018.

The amount payable would be based on family circumstances and payment would be made when a child or young person is enrolled in a government school.

The annual contribution payable by a family in South Australia on a 457 visa for 2017 would be $5,100 for each primary school student and $6,100 for a high school student.

This amount would be charged for the eldest child in a family, with the fees for all siblings attracting a 10% discount.
The proposed changes would allow parents to elect to pay the contribution upfront annually, per semester, per term or in regular instalments.

A contribution fee would not be charged if the total family income does not exceed $57,000.


A means-test would be used, so that a family with one child at school would not pay the full contribution rate until the gross family income reaches $77,000. The threshold at which maximum fees are payable is increased by $10,000 for each additional child.

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