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The Basics of Australian Citizenship

Becoming an Australian citizen is a little bit like becoming a super hero. It’s a bit tough, you must be committed to the cause and you have to be patient but if you manage this you will soon reap the rewards of being a citizen of one of the world’s best countries and all of the bells and whistles that goes with that.

The Basics Of Australian Citizenship

Being an Australian citizen means you will have access to state funded health care (some of the very best in the world, excellent public educational institutions and you will qualify for perks like state assistance with buying your first home.


But the Australian Government will expect would be citizens to demonstrate their commitment to the Aussie way of life and this means they will have to meet certain criteria before being granted citizenship.

The basics of qualifying for citizenship

• Having lived in Australia for four years on a valid visa, including the previous 12 months, as a permanent resident. There are restrictions on the length of time spent out of the country over this time.

• Be a law abiding citizen. The Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection will require criminal checks on citizen applicants who, during the time they held a permanent Australian visa, have spent more than 12 months overseas with more than 90 days of that in any one country. Any associations with people or organisations who have committed war crimes, or associations with friends or family who are criminals will also be considered.

• Have a basic knowledge of the English language.

• Intend to live in or maintain a close and continuing association with Australia.

• Have an adequate knowledge of the responsibilities and privileges of Australian citizenship.

Passing the Australian Citizenship test

The citizenship test is undertaken for those over 18 years old and under 60 years old. This test aims to determine that the applicant’s believes and morals are in-line with that of the Australian Government. The test also indicates if the applicant is integrated in Australian society, committed to the country and poses the basic knowledge most Australian-born citizens would have like which governmental services are available to citizens etc.

Being prepared for the test is important, as the government doesn't take the approval of citizenship lightly.

Keep your nose clean

Your Australian citizenship can be revoked by the government at any time if:

• You are convicted of falsifying your citizenship application or have committed migration-related fraud.

• You are convicted of a serious criminal offence before becoming a citizen.


• You are engaging in or have been convicted of certain terror-related acts.

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