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The Didgeridoo

The Didgeridoo was invented about 1500 years ago. This has always been a traditional Aboriginal instrument. For those who are unfamiliar with this interesting instrument, it is best described as a wooden trumpet.

It is believed that it was invented in Northern Australia. There are also rock paintings dating back to at least 1000 years, which depict this amazing instrument. It is generally only reserved for men to play in the time of old customs. It was also traditionally played at ceremonies and traditional dances.

A Digeridoo can be anywhere from 1 meter to 3 meters in length. The longer the Digeridoo, the lower the pitch of the sound that it would produce.

It is usually made of hard woods, especially the eucalyptus species. It is then decorated and the mouth piece is covered with bees wax. This can be moulded when it gets warm and also has anti bacterial properties.

It is played by vibration of the lips, which is done continuously. A special technique known as circular breathing produces a unique droning noise, the trademark of the Digeridoo.

The Digeridoo has also been made famous by Australian music making legend, Rolf Harris ,the band Jamiroquai  and Xavier Rudd, just to name a few.

The health benefits of playing the Digeridoo, include the reduction of snoring  and obstructive sleep apnea. It also strengthens the lungs.

Why not try out this interesting instrument, not only for the meditative sounds that it produces, but also prevents you snorers from keeping the wife awake and forcing you to sleeping on the couch.

Happy playing!

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