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The Dingos got my Baby - Part 2

See part one of the blog here.  Due to  blood stains   allegedly found in the front seat of the car and cut marks in the clothing, Lindy was found to be guilty and sentenced to Life Imprisonment and hard labour. She still insisted that a Dingo had run off with her baby in the night. She accused the court and proceedings as being biased and unprofessional. Several attempts at an appeal were made.

The baby’s clothes had been found about 2 miles from the campsite a week later by locals. The key to this case was a pink Matinee jacket with yellow trim that Azaria had been wearing. It was not in the collection of clothes that were found.

By a chance discovery in 1986, an English hiker was climbing the rock in Uluru alone during the evening. He unfortunately fell to his death and his body was not discovered until 8 days later. The area where he fell was full of dingo lairs. Police were combing the area for bones that may have been carried off by dingoes. One of the Police Officers spotted an item of clothing. It was quickly identified as the missing Matinee jacket. This was the crucial piece of evidence for the case.

The case was reopened and Lindy was released. In 1988 all convictions against Lindy were dropped. In all of that time, she had never had closure and the cause of death had never been formally determined. It was not until 2012 after a fourth inquest made by an official coroner that a dingo was named as being responsible for Azaria’s death. The death certificate stated that the cause of death was “ Due to being attacked and taken by a Dingo.” Since the Chamberlain case, there have been several documented dingo attacks in Australia.

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