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The point of Australian citizenship

Permanent residents in Australia enjoy almost the full range of civil and political rights as citizens. They have access to the welfare system, Medicare, and education. They can vote and have a better sense of security in being able to live in Australia without interference or interruption.

The Point Of Australian Citizenship

But, while all these factors motivate the decision to apply for Australian Citizenship the chance of complete inclusion in the Australian society is certainly most beneficial on a number of levels.


The Australian Productivity Commission report defined integration as both economic integration and social inclusion. It is not just the skills and efforts of individual migrants that are key to promoting integration, but the societal attitudes, and government policies and programs that support settlement and removing barriers to integration.

Australian citizenship is the final step in a process of becoming a full member of the Australian community. Being eligible for citizenship means the applicant will have to meet certain stringent criteria and have proven their involvement in the Australian society and submitting to the rules and regulations that govern the country.

The government sets a target for the maximum number of new residents to be incorporated into the each year, and visa-holders are subject to rigorous checks to ensure they meet the criteria for those visas.

By the time a permanent resident is in a position to apply for citizenship, they must have lived in Australia for four years and have remained of good character during that time. If they do not remain of good character, their visa may be cancelled and they can be removed to their country of origin.

What will the Aus citizenship test look for?

The citizenship test will include meeting (but is not limited to) to criteria below
• a “basic knowledge” of English; and
• “an adequate knowledge of Australia and of the responsibilities and privileges of Australian citizenship”
• Questions focus on knowledge of the institutions of government, and of basic constitutional values such as free speech
• Being in good standing with a reputable character and not be involved with crime or be suspected of criminal activity


Consulting an experienced immigration consultant will give you a more detailed description of the citizenship test and what criteria you will be expected to meet.

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