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Thinking about immigrating to Australia

Immigrating to Australia might be one of the best decisions you will ever make but have you started considering the costs of your visa, an immigration consultant and the actual move?

Thinking About Immigrating To Australia

We took a look at what you might expect to pay for the immigration process considering everything from Australia’s visa fees to the cost of moving your pets abroad. These prices serve as a guideline and should be verified and discussed with your immigration agent as every case is unique with unique requirements and certainly the exchange rate could affect the price.


Cost of the actual visa

Our latest information indicates that you can expect to pay around R34 000 for an Australian Temporary Work Visa, about R65 000 for a Partner Visa and approximately R22 000 for a Dependent Child Visa.

English Skill Test

Speak to your immigration consultant about where to take your English Language Skills Test. There are a number of test centers around the country. You can expect to pay around R4 000 per adult applicant.

Using a Professional Immigration Consultant

There are many advantages to using a professional immigration consultant making them well worth their fee! Immigration Consultants are educated in the different laws and regulations revolving around the immigration process they are well-equipped to assist prospective immigrants.

You can expect a professional service which will guide you through the complicated visa application process. Immigration laws are getting more stringent with each year and off-course you need to follow all the rules and regulations to the point, set by that country. These rules are dynamic an often change. So what you thought you knew last year may no longer apply.

Skill Assessment Fees

A requirement of obtaining an Australian Work Visa is to have your skills and qualifications assessed by a recognized Australian industry authority. You can expect to pay around R6 000 – R20 000 – depending on the type of occupation and the relevant assessment that is required to be undertaken. Once you have obtained positive skills assessment you can submit a visa application.

Moving your house contents

Experts estimate that you should have between R45 000 to R65 000 if you want to ship the entire contents of your home to Australia.


Relocating pets depends on the size of the pet. Regular domestic household pets will cost between R8 500 and R17 000.

Accommodation on Arrival

It very much depends on you how much this will cost. It could be free if you can arrange to stay with friends or family for a while. If you opt for a self-catering apartment budget for anywhere between R1 500 and R3 000 per night.

Flights and Transport


Consult a travel agent about the cost of flights. They often have access to flight, car and hotel package deal specials.

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