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Top 10 Reasons South Africans Choose Australia

Top 10 Reasons South Africans Choose Australia

1. Living in Australia is uncomplicated and by the book. Relaxed, friendly, while still sophisticated would sum up life in Australia. 

2. You also get paid relativity more than what you would earn in South Africa. The Australian Dollar is very strong while the South African Rand is weakening.

3. Australians are self-policed. Everyone stops at a red light. Motorists wait for pedestrians at street crossings. They don't have high walls or electric fences. Residents rarely lock doors when they go to sleep at night or to the shops during the day. It's OK to walk outside at night.

4. South African 2015 Holiday road deaths are already over 500. There were 4500 road deaths between 2014-2015 in SA. Australia was 1155. Australia has twice as many cars on the road than in South Africa.

5. Many taxes are used for maintenance in Australia. Even in very small coastal towns, they regularly fix potholes after the rain, check electrical cables, clear drainage and mow footpaths and parks. Playgrounds come with free gas filled barbeques (braai's) in green parks and inhabitants help to keep the town and beaches clean.

6. Australians are friendly, incredibly hard working and rather on the ball. That's one of the reasons why everything goes like clockwork here. Self sufficiency is a given. Almost everyone does their own housework and maintains their own gardens. Sophisticated tools make it easy. You can still hire a cleaner here in Australia.

7. Like South Africa, you still get the sun and an excellent “T-Bone” steak.

8. Work is plenty for skilled professionals. If you are a tradesman you can and will make a fortune. Companies are very health and safety conscious and use the latest technology to get the job done. Minimum wages differ from state to state, but are very good.

9. Aussies are largely well educated; around 36% of the population attend universities. Art exhibitions, music events and other cultural events are attended in very large numbers.

10. Many have made the journey before you. You can find them here. We all immigrate for different reasons, but the people in Australia are open and wont question why you are here. Just go with it! What a beautiful country with amazing opportunities just waiting for you to enjoy.

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