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Top 10 reasons to immigrate to Australia

Top 10 reasons to immigrate to Australia

Top 10 Reasons To Immigrate To Australia

New World Immigration provides assistance to many clients wanting to immigrate to Australia on a temporary basis or permanently by applying for permanent residency. We compiled a list of top 10 reasons why our clients immigrate to Australia.

1. Higher standard of living

Australia provides an excellent Medicare service, brilliant public transport services and great housing facilities.

2. Career opportunities

Australia has a huge skill shortage and therefore many opportunities are available to highly skilled foreign workers to secure employment with Australian companies.

3. Spouses/Life partners

Many clients often enter into relationships with Australian citizens or permanent residents and decide to immigrate to Australia to start their life together.

4. South African culture in Australia

Many South Africans immigrated to Australia over the years and thus a result of a close knit South African community which welcomes first time expats with open arms. Many clients feel it’s easier to adapt to their new environment in the surroundings of South African expats, making it feel like home away from home.

5. Quality education system

Australia provides free world class public education to all scholars.

6. Sport

Australia has a love for all types of sport and many clients feel they can further their sporting career as many opportunities exist.

7. Financial freedom or stability

Australia’s economic growth has been steady over the last 15 years and many clients immigrate to earn a higher salary/wages as the economic conditions are much more favourable to earn a living.

8. Landscape

Australia has pristine beaches, ancient forests, rocky uneven mountain ranges and many national parks which reflect a similar landscape environment to South Africa.

9. Weather

South Africa and Australia has more or less the same climate conditions, making it easier for expats to adapt to their new environment.

10. Wine and Dine

Australia offers many culinary adventures, amazing restaurants, wineries and top notch fast food take away’s like fish and chips.

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