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Tradesmen are now among the highest earners in Australia

A lack of available qualified and experienced tradesmen has meant that tradesmen are now officially the most employable of all professional occupations in Australia.  Tradesmen, being in such high demand, command excellent fees and are in some cases now officially out earning doctors in Australia. 


The shortage of electricians, plumbers, builders, welders etc. means that these professions have remained a firm fixture on both the Short and Medium to Long Term Strategic Skills Lists.

With a huge demand comes a huge price tag and a growing economy means enough work for everyone. According to news reports the Australian Bureau of Standards have officially declared that while an Aussie GP earn around AUD $156 000 certain tradesmen pocket as much as AUD $35 000 more a year!

In most parts of Australia there’s a huge trade shortage which means that tradesmen are in massive demand. It’s not uncommon for starting salaries to be AUD $140 000 with more experienced and specialized tradespeople charging more.

With so much scope for work and opportunity Australia’s Federal and State Governments have been very welcoming of skilled migrants specializing in the trades. The latest pay scales showed that plumbers earn AUD $83.40 per hour – on par with white collar professionals – followed closely by electricians, handymen and carpenters.


Dynamic migrant tradesmen, with the right qualifications and entry requirements, will have no difficulty finding a job in Australia – with many starting their own companies.  It is important that tradesmen have their skills and experienced verified and assessed as soon as their application procedure starts.



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