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Understanding an Australian Business Innovation and Investment visa

Understanding an Australian Business Innovation and Investment visa.

Understanding An Australian Business Innovation And Investment Visa

Have you decided to expand your business, or are you planning to purchase an existing Australian business?

Making a move to Australia is an ever popular decision of many South African companies. In July 2014 South African owned retailer Woolworths also placed their trust in the Australian economy by purchasing their oldest retailer David Jones for R23.3 billion. The restaurant group Spur has opened 7 restaurants in Australia and Nando’s have been successfully trading in the Land Down Under since the early 1990’s.

Economic and political stability with a well governed society makes Australia a favourite amongst the international business and production communities. The country has a world-class infrastructure with 10 international airports, 106 ports/ harbours and 41 461km’s of railway line while well maintained national roads connect towns from Darwin in the North to Adelaide in the South.

The country is the world’s leading producer of natural resources such as rutile, zircon, bauxite, iron ore and ilmenite, the second largest producer of alumim, gold, lithium, manganese ore, lead and zinc, the third largest producer of uranium, and the fourth largest of silver, nickel and black coal
The process to apply for your Business Investor visa can be intimidating and time consuming. You are well advised to seek professional assistance or you could easily get tangled and bogged down in a mound of red-tape and paperwork.

New World immigration understands that your time is valuable and we understand the Australian visa system. With years of experience and happy customers we are able to give you the best advice about making your move to Australia.

A New World immigration professional will consult with you and suggest the best route with which to approach your Business Investor visa application process.

Australia requires that applicants first apply for a provisional Business Innovation and Investment visa after which they may then apply for the second stage in this process which is the permanent visa in the same subclass under the Business Investor Visa.

While, in this case, you need not submit a new Expression of Interest or be invited to apply for this visa, you must be nominated by a state or territory government agency if you are seeking to satisfy the primary criteria.
New World Immigration has, in our experience, found that this visa could take between 9 and 28 months to process and it is a very involved process for which professional advice should be sought.

Australia awards points for meeting certain pre-determined criteria and you or your business would only be eligible to apply for a Business Innovation visa if you score is at least 65 or more points. A New World Immigration consultant will discuss this process and the criteria with you, but factors considered in the awarding the points are; your age, proof of your English language proficiency, your qualifications and experience in business and investment.

Your net value is also a major contributing factor as is your current business’ turnover. Australia will want to establish that you have an overall successful business career and they will want to be certain that you have a genuine desire to continually own and maintain a management role in the business in Australia.
Owning a business in Australia could be very rewarding and being on the doorstep to the Eastern pacific countries – with who Australia holds a number of trade agreements – means that a well-functioning business could be immensely profitable.

We suggest that you call New World Immigration and set up an appointment with one of our seasoned professionals who will ensure that you are in good hands giving you the best and most up to date advice about obtaining your Australian visa.

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