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Victoria is looking for skilled engineers, teachers, builders and scientists

Australia’s most Southern state, Victoria, is offering migrants a foot in the door with the release of the state’s newest State Nomination Occupation List. The state is seeking to attract highly skilled and employable graduates in selected occupations that are difficult to source from the local labour market.

Victoria Is Looking For Skilled Engineers Teachers Builders And Scientists

The occupations were identified after an extensive research and industry consultation on the state’s labour market needs for state nomination and the list was released last week.


This ensures that Victoria’s industries have the skills required to remain highly productive, and that international graduates who live and work in Victoria after completing their studies are well placed for employment in their nominated occupation.

Experienced skilled professionals and tradespeople should also refer to the State Nomination Occupation List for Victoria.

Meeting the criteria

Applications for Victorian state nomination are assessed individually with a focus on these criteria:

• your ability to meet the minimum nomination requirements
• the suitability and transferability of your qualifications, skills and experience - including any specialist capabilities - to the needs of Victoria’s labour market
• the demand for your particular skills and expertise, and your ability to find work in Victoria
• the demand for your occupation in relation to the annual nomination places allocated for that industry
• meeting other basic immigration requirements such as language and character.

This is the latest State Nomination Occupation List for Victoria which was updated on 1 December 2016:

• Most engineering and building occupations are listed
• A number of biotechnology and Science occupations are on the list and includes occupations such as Chemists, Physicists, Veterinarians, Agricultural Scientist and Consultants and Research development Managers
• Human Resources Managers
• Chefs and Hotel Managers are still in demand in Victoria
• Most careers in health such as nursing professionals, Psychologists, Podiatrists, Occupational Therapists, Sonographers and Nuclear Medicine Technologists
• Victoria’s educational department is actively recruiting educators in most areas. Primary Schools and those who specialize in some Eastern and European languages are sought after. Secondary School Teachers and Vocational Education Teachers are included on the list.
• Most Trade Occupations made the list. The list includes trade occupations in the construction, engineering, communications and hospitality trades.


For more information about how to qualify for a Australian work visa or to find out if your career is listed on the Victoria State Nomination Occupation List, consult an experienced and MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority) registered immigration consultant.


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