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What Australian 457 visa-holders can expect to be paid

In Australia there are almost 95,000 temporary skilled migrants working and living in the country under the 457 visa program.

What Australian 457 Visa Holders Can Expect To Be Paid

The 457 visa is only available to skilled migrants with prove experience in their field and whose occupations are listed on the country’s SkillSelect list. SkillSelect lists occupations for which a demand exists amongst the country’s employers. These are positions which cannot be filled by Australian citizens and as such talent is ‘imported’ through this program.


457 Visa Holders are Typically Well Paid

According to the recent findings of the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection skilled migrants appear to be well paid on average.

The report details average pay by sector and by location. The total average remuneration (which includes superannuation) for workers under the program is $94,200.

Hospitality workers are paid, on average, $58,800 per year.

While the figures aren’t calculated in the same way, that roughly lines up with the median hospitality wage provided by - $55,000 as a base salary and $60,225 in total remuneration.

The highest paid in the 457 program are those in the mining and finance/insurance industries.

Visa holders working in mining are paid an average of $218,200 and those in finance or insurance are paid an average of $128,800.

Doctor Joanna Howe, an expert in 457 visas at the University of Adelaide, told SBS that the high wages weren't surprising.
“The data that you’ve found probably does reflect that the 457 visa program is a skilled migration program," she said.
“You’re not going to see the same exploitation that you see in the international student and working holiday visa programs.”

Laws mandate that employers pay 457 visa holders comparable wages to those who are employed locally, and there's a minimum salary of $53,000 if a business wants to use the visa.

Based on the information released by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection ICT, professional, scientific and technical skills are in high demand and it seems most migrants prefer settling in New South Wales is the most popular destination and more specifically Sydney.


New South Wales was, by far, the most popular destination for 457 visa holders, reflecting both the size of the state and the strength of its economy said the report


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