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What is a 457 Visa

What is the 457 Temporary Work Permit?

Australia has implemented a progressive immigration system that is aimed at reducing skills shortages within the country. This is a temporary business visa that allows employers to hire and sponsor workers from abroad. This specific type of visa has become very popular.

Both overseas and Australian employers may sponsor skilled workers under the 457 visa for any period of time between one day and four years. The family of the sponsored person may also come to Australia and are allowed to study or work while in the country.

When someone enters the country on this type of visa, they are not limited to the amount of times that they can leave and re-enter the country.

In order for an employer to be able to apply for workers to come to Australia on a 457 visa, they will need to meet requirements.

  • They will need to apply to become a sponsor in order to recruit overseas workers.
  • They will need to nominate the occupations they wish to fill as well as the employees. That they are looking for to fill those positions.
  • They will need to recruit workers from overseas to fill the nominated positions.
  • They will need to act as a sponsor for those employees that are applying for this type of visa.
  • They will also need to cooperate with immigration monitoring requirements.





Employees coming to Australia under a 457 work visa must

  • Accept the offer of employment
  • Apply for a 457 visa
  • Meet all the conditions on the 457 visa

Employer Requirements

In order for an employer to be able to sponsor overseas workers, they will need to be approved as a sponsor first. To qualify, the employer needs to be an Australian business that operates in Australia or a business from overseas who want to bring over overseas employees in order to set up business in Australia. Both types of businesses need to be able to prove that they do intend on employing local labour and that they will adhere to non-discriminatory employment practices.

Business may not have anything adverse on their record that pertains to the business in question or anyone who is associated with the business.

Employers need to also show that they are committed to meeting Australia's requirements for the training of Australian workers.

Employee Requirements

Employees who want to apply for a 457 visa need to be sponsored by an employer who is eligible to do so. They need to possess the experience, skills and qualifications for the position. Employees will need to meet the English language proficiency test and also be eligible to get any licenses that may be required for the position.

All employees will need to have health insurance and meet certain health requirements. In addition, all employees will need to meet character requirements that will be conducted via background checks.



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