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What it takes to make it in Australia

It is easy to see why more than 1.2 million members of the Australian society are expats.

What It Takes To Make It In Australia

So what does it take to live a happy successful and well-adjusted life Down Under? Aussies shared their thoughts:


You must be prepared to work hard

Two thirds of Aussies, 66 per cent, insisted that being hard working is crucial for expats – a figure which rose to 80 per cent among those over the age of 55 according to the research by Crown Relocations reported Britain’s Daily Telegraph.

But how hard will you really have to graft? According to last year’s InterNations Expat Insider survey, Australia is the tenth best country in the world for work/life balance and has the seventh shortest work week.

Be tolerant

Next on the list for Australians when it comes to desirable traits for expats is tolerance. Two fifths said this was vital. With a society consisting of so many nationalities (at the beginning of the century one in six Australians were of foreign decent) being a bigot will make your life pretty miserable

Tina Wild, a British writer and yoga teacher who has lived in Manly, Sydney, for 15 years, said, to the Telegraph, “Australia is a new and diverse country made up of migrants. There’s a saying in Australia about giving everyone ‘a fair go,’ which reflects a culture of tolerance, and lack of hierarchy and class system.

Hug a tree

Australians have some of the world’s most awe-inspiring natural beauty at their front door and there are all about protecting and respecting it, so incomers had better do the same. In fact, 40 per cent of Australians said expats must display green credentials.

Be a Mate

“The Australians are very family orientated, ‘mateship’ is almost a religion and they find it hard to watch a football match without company,” observed Ms Tellis. “They cycle in groups; if I see a lone cyclist I always assume that they are English.”

The best way to make some friends is to get involved! Join a gym or volunteer your time. Invite friends for a meal and accept that invite to a neighbour’s barbie.

Have a laugh!

Three in ten Australians highlighted the need for expats to have a good sense of humour. They key is to, like Australians do, not take yourself too seriously. Be friendly make an effort and reject the urge to whinge – Aussies don’t take well to moaners.

Barbara Adam, an Australian currently living in Vietnam said to the Telegraph, “The key is not to take yourself too seriously. Australians are pretty laid back and accepting, but we are also like to joke around a bit. So, don't be too ready to take offence at good-natured ribbing. "

Embrace the good life

The bad should be weighed against the good. You may find life slightly more expensive in Australia but then again you almost assured of a job and if your occupation is list on the Skills Shortage list you can expect good remuneration too.


Yes some call Australia a ‘nanny state’ but their government seems to be doing something right. Crime is much lower than what we are faced with in South Africa. Infrastructure exists and is well maintained. Green areas are pristine and governmental services are efficient.

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