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What you need to know about Australia’s Permanent Residency Permit

What you need to know about Australia’s Permanent Residency Permit

What You Need To Know About Australia’S Permanent Residency Permit

Australia might be notorious for their tight border control and strict immigration requirements, but this has been one of their traditionally successful ways of ensuring their country’s dramatic growth and expansion into one of the leading 1st world countries – the only one in the southern hemisphere.

Australia was colonized and inhabited only 226 years ago, 136 year after Jan van Riebeeck set foot on South African soil. Recent surveys by the World Health Organization (WHO) declared that Australians are the happiest of all industrialized nations in the world.

The WHO survey measured a number of key factors associated with how successful a country is. This includes employment rates, job satisfaction, community involvement, access to quality health care, environmental factors and more.
Australia rates very high on all these key aspects and it is therefore clear to see why living in Australia is the first immigration destinations choice for most British and Chinese immigrants.

The Land Down Under is also a popular possibility for South Africans and we find that South African adapt well to the Australian life as it is, in many ways, similar to our own and in some ways better.

The country offers South Africans a stable political and economic environment with fewer violent crimes, excellent schooling and healthcare systems, with plentiful job opportunities for those who qualify.

There are a number of avenues and options through which to obtain permanent residency in Australia and provided you meet their visa requirements you could be happily living and working in any of the Australian territories, states or cities.
New World Immigration specializes in providing you with the best service and advice on making your move to the smallest continent.

One of our trained consultants will be able to discuss your visa options with you, based on your individual case and will make the necessary recommendations to ensure your most likely success.

It is a complicated process taking between 6 months to a year to successfully apply for an Australian visa, but this will also greatly depend on your point count – which is determined by the Skills Assessment segment of your visa application. If this sound daunting don’t be too concerned, with our years of experience and many successful clients we can take you through the process as ‘painless’ as possible.

Although there are more visa application options available (which we will discuss at a later stage), one of the most popular is the Skilled Independent Visa.

If you are successful in your application for this visa you will be granted permanent residency in Australia and can thus remain and work in the country for as long as you wish to do so. This visa also grants your immediate family the right to join you in Australia on a permanent basis.

This basic conditions for this visa is that you should be under the age of 50-years-old, have official proof of your English language proficiency and that you have both the skills, training and formal qualifications associated with one of the occupations on their Skilled Occupations List.

Of course your travel documentation must be in order and you will be expected to provide evidence of a clear criminal and health record. If you are concerned about any of these, please discuss it with one of our team members who will assist you and can in most cases find a solution to your situation.

For a quick and easy indication of your eligibility for an Australian visa use our Visa Eligibility Assessment Tool. By supplying accurate data we would be able to predict the likely outcome of your application.


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