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Why does Australia have so many skill shortages?

The question on everyone’s lips when looking at Australia is “why does Australia have so many skill shortages?” In the past few years much debate has been centred on the fact that there is need to bring in foreign workers to fill these gaps. To most of us this sounds too good to be true as we face employment challenges in our home countries on a daily basis and it is almost unimaginable that there is a country that has a shortage of skilled workers.

Studies have been undertaken as to the cause and in most cases it has been said that some of the reasons for this is that Australia is constantly expanding, an ageing population and that they are not producing enough graduates with relevant Degrees to work in the resources industry. As a result of this Australia has established a migration and work programs in order to bring in these skills.



Skilled migrants fill the skill shortages and help the economy grow. These workers are generally younger, more likely to be better educated, hard workers and therefore boost participation, productivity and of course the population. For Australia’s economy to keep growing and making sure that they have the necessary skills to achieve this, migration must continue to play a significant role in the labour market. Last year there were over 600 000 permanent and long stay arrivals into Australia however there was also a loss of permanent and long term departures of almost 400 000 people from Australia.

So why migrate to Australia you may ask. Well, Australia is a huge island that has a small population in relation to its size. It has a booming economy and is constantly expanding therefore providing endless possibilities for you and your family. Australia also has the 3 of the most liveable cities out of the top 10 in the world and of course amazing weather. We must also not forget the amazing diversity of cultures the country has to offer as well as the warm, friendly welcoming hearts of the locals. This is definitely the top country on my list.

Well, when all is said and done, the questions that you need to ask yourself are: How do I know if my skills are needed? How do I know if I qualify for migration? And how do I get this process started?  You can find this out by contacting our friendly extremely knowledgeable consultants at New World Immigration (NWI) or leave an enquiry on our website and one of our consultants will contact you.

By Robbie Ragless

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