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You face a nightmare if you overstay your Aussie visa

It’s all over the news again; if you think you will be able to overstay your Australian visa and remain in the country illegally you will be looking over your shoulder, be unable to find good employment and run the risk of being arrested by Australian authorities.

One overstayer in his twenties spoke to the media saying, “I get nervous, I get scared, like, you know … traumatised.”   But according to the Australian department of home affairs he is just one of around 62,000 people living in Australia past the date that their visa expired.

Speaking to SBS the young man said he went to Australia on a three-month tourist visa last year and now lives in fear of being discovered.  This means he cannot apply for his driver’s licence.  He cannot seek medical treatment and he can do nothing but menial labour out of fear that he will be found handed a criminal record and be deported.


What happens when you get caught without a visa?

Typically the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection has very little sympathy for anyone who breaks their laws and if an overstayer is found will be placed in detention (that’s jail to you and I) so that the deportation process can start.  Offenders are also banned from re-entering Australia for a minimum period of three years.

Anyone who does however find themselves in that position is best advised to seek immediate assistance from the DIBP.

How do I go about extending my visa?

If you are in Australia, you must hold a valid visa for the duration of your stay and comply with the conditions of your visa. You must depart Australia no later than on the day on which your visa expires.

If you want to stay in Australia longer than your current visa allows, you need to apply for another visa. The type of visa you can apply for will depend on the type of visa you currently have.

Do not be tempted by promises of employment or commit yourself to a marriage

Both these scenarios are exceedingly risky and every year the DIBP see the heart break caused by scams who promise employment and leave desperate migrants out of pocket.  Scam marriages are also on the rise and as such Australian authorities conduct strict audits on persons in the country on a family visa.

Getting help to apply for a visa

It is always best to get professional help when you apply for your visa, that way you know that your documents are correct and legal and will not expose you to claims that you are in Australia illegally or that you committed fraud in you visa application.


Migration agents can advise you on the best visa to apply for based on your needs and circumstances.  They are also able to assess if your visa application is likely to succeed, but they do not make visa decisions and cannot influence outcomes. Only the Department makes decisions about visa applications.

Your migration consultant will however make sure that your visa stands the best possible chance of being approved by making sure the application and supporting documents are complete and correct.  Applying for an Australian work visa might sound like a complicated and long process but with a good migration agent there should be no any unnecessary delays and you can expect to pack your bags and move Down Under before you know it!




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