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Experiencing Canada for the first time Pt. 2

Last week we aimed to prepare you for your first steps in Canada by providing you with crucial pointers and information that will benefit you before you make the journey to Great White North. Today, we carry on from last week’s piece to highlight some more key factors that will assist you in integrating into Canadian life. Healthcare Canada's healthcare system, which is …

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Financial Manager Jobs & Visa Opportunities in Canada

Many positions in Canada are currently unfilled due to a severe shortage of Financial Managers with at least two years of experience. Recruiters in the finance industry in Canada routinely hire Financial Managers from other countries for both short and long-term positions. Even if you don't have a job offer, you can apply for residency in these countries via the well-known…

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Experiencing Canada for the first time Pt. 1

As you prepare to embrace your welcome to Canada, it is critical that you are as prepared as possible for your new and exciting Canadian experience. Over the next few weeks, we hope to highlight some of the key factors that will assist you in integrating into Canadian life. With this guide, there is no doubt that you will experience less confusion and have realistic expect…

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Ontario's labour minister seeks more immigration, better working conditions

Ontario's labour minister, who also oversees immigration, is advocating for legislative changes to make the province a more appealing place to work. On October 25th, Monte McNaughton introduced the "Working for Workers Act." If it’s passed, it could result in significant changes for Ontario workers. The proposed changes announced last week for immigrants seeking to work i…

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Canada employment regains pre-pandemic levels

Last month, the Canadian economy added 157,000 jobs, bringing the employment rate to within a percentage point of pre-pandemic levels. The employment rate is the number of people who are employed as a percentage of the population aged 15 and up. In September, Canada's employment rate was 6.9%, which was 0.9% lower than the February 2020 rate due to population growth. The…

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Record number of job vacancies for Canada in Q2

According to Statistics Canada's quarterly job vacancies report, Canada's job vacancy rate in the second quarter of 2021 was the highest on record. The job vacancy rate expresses the number of open positions as a percentage of all available jobs, both open and filled. The job vacancy rate in Canada was 4.6 percent between April and June, the highest since comparable data …

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Should I enter Canada’s Express Entry pool now?

“Should I enter Canada’s Express Entry pool now?” You may be asking yourself this valid and excellent question. If this is the case, you are not alone. To support its post-COVID economic recovery, Canada intends to welcome the highest levels of immigration in its history. Canada plans to welcome over 400,000 new immigrants per year under its Immigration Levels Plan 2021-…

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Canadian Immigration: Positive News on the Horizon

Since the outbreak of the pandemic that started about 18 months ago, all services and industries have been greatly affected, as is also the case with immigration.  We saw the effects of the pandemic in almost all parts of the immigration process, which has delayed the process in its entirety. In 2021, there have been constant changes and updates, slowly, but surely markin…

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With the Liberals winning the 2021 Election, what does it mean for Canadian immigration?

According to news agencies like CTV and CBC, Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party has won Canada's election for the third time in a row. After a 36-day campaign, the news networks forecast that the Liberals will form another minority administration. In what has been a very close contest, the Liberals and Conservatives have switched places in national polling throughout the camp…

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What can we expect after the Canadian election on September 20?

Recent elections have given us a sense of what Canadian immigration developments we can anticipate in the coming months. The federal election on September 20th will undoubtedly shape Canada's immigration system for the next four years. Since the federal government is largely responsible for the policies that affect the system, the election result is the most important eve…

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