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Canada’s President says immigration gives them the edge over the U.S.

03 December 2018 | Carlos

Canada’s President has been pro-immigration since the get go. Under his leadership Canada increased its annual immigration intake and set a target of processing more than a million immigration applications in a 3-year period. The reason for this progressive approach to migration is that Canada says that the skills migrants bring with them gives the country an international competitive edge.


Canada’s need for skilled labour continues to grow

29 November 2018 | Carlos

Canada’s labour shortage is still a hot topic. Just last year their president, Justin Theroux, and his government started addressing the problem by increasing Canada’s migrant intake to 310 000 migrants a year. But it seems Canadian business owners and recruiters feel this might not even be enough to address issues with skills and labour shortages faced by the country. In fact, the situation might be worsening – creating ample opportunities for immigrants considering applying for a Canadian visa or residency.


20 Reasons why Canada is the land of Dreams

21 November 2018 | Carlos

At an impressive 9.984 million square kilometers Canada is not only the second largest country in the world, but it is also the largest country in the western hemisphere; boasting a 202,080 kilometer coastline. This means that it has a longer shoreline than any other nation in the world. And with a population density of just 4 people per square kilometer, we look at 18 other reasons why Canada provides some of the best quality of living in the world!