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Top questions and answers about immigrating to Canada

20 September 2018 | Carlos

If you are in the process of considering living and working in Canada, you might have a few questions. It is probably one of the biggest decisions a person can make in their lives and being informed helps you make the best decision for you and your family. We took a look at the most frequently asked Canada immigration questions.


Canada: Some Provinces are Desperately Short of Teachers

13 September 2018 | Carlos

Last week the shortage of teachers in some Canadian provinces made headlines when fears were raised that not enough teachers would be available for the start of the new school term. Canada is now scrambling to fill vacancy and turning to migrants to meet their needs.


Canada: Good News about visa processing times

11 September 2018 | Carlos

Waiting is the mother of all frustration – anyone could tell you that and if you are waiting to start a new life of for a close family member to join you, waiting can be extremely demoralizing and stressful too. Unfortunately waiting is a familiar and unavoidable part of a 100% of all visa applications.


Guarantee yourself a happier, safer and healthier life by investing in Spain

07 September 2018 | Carlos

Have you ever thought about what life might be like if you lived in Spain? Ancient architecture, friendly people, a pleasant climate. Did you know that you are three times safer in Spain than you are in South Africa and crime in Spain is less than half of what it is in South Africa? Did you know that by just making an investment in property in Spain you can guarantee residency for you and your family in this European country?


Nearly 1500 accountant jobs available in Canada

06 September 2018 | Carlos

Canada is looking for nearly 1500 financial staff to fill gaps in their labour force. Accountants, financial managers, accounting technicians, bookkeepers and financial auditors are all in short supply in Canada and are therefore listed as a scarce skill. Foreigners with enough evidence of their training and experience in a scarce skill can apply for a Canadian visa without a job offer.