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South African skills very much in demand overseas

11 June 2019 | Carlos

South Africans, with the right skillset, have never found it very difficult to immigrate to Australia or Canada. South Africans are known for their strong work ethic and excellent experience in a very challenging environment.


I’m Emigrating to Australia, Do I Need a Skills Assessment?

07 June 2019 | Carlos

Yes, you do and it is best not to waste any time starting the process! Obtaining a suitable skills assessment is mandatory for most visas and may be requested for others; we suggest that all our clients have it done as a valid skills assessment will give any job or visa applicant a massive edge over someone who hasn’t started the process yet. In fact we encourage clients to arrange their skills assessment even before submitting their Expression of Interest (EOI).


Canada rated best country for migrants

05 June 2019 | Carlos

Addressing a negative population growth has meant that Canada has been welcoming migrants to their country for many years. The Canadian government’s aggressive plan to populate the world’s second largest country has seen them committing to issuing more than a million visa and residency permits in a three year-span.