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Almost 50% of Expats Would Stay in Canada Forever

Almost half of all expats currently living in Canada said they would stay there forever if they could.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation published the results of the newest InterNations Expat Insider survey which considered ease of settling in and quality of life are some of the things making Canada one of the ideal places for foreigners to settle.

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The InterNations expat survey polled over 12,500 respondents from 188 countries or territories, with representation from 166 nationalities. Five key areas were assessed: Quality of Life, Ease of Settling In, Working Abroad, Family Life and Personal Finance. Of these categories, participants were asked to rate 43 different aspects of living abroad, from their level of satisfaction in relationships to how easy it was to adopt the local culture and "feel at home."  Over 45% of the expat respondents in Canada indicated that they would stay in Canada forever.

South Africans who participated in the survey indicated that they attached great value to low crime levels, good employment opportunities, quality education, respected governments and top-notch infra structure.  South Africans also indicated that they adjusted well to life in Canada where communication is easy, people are friendly and sociable and foreigners are generally warmly welcomed.

Welcoming of Migrants

Canada is considered one of the world countries most interested in attracting immigrants to the country. 

The country was built by foreigners and has proven that the country has never turned away foreign talent and investment. In fact Canada lays claim to being one of the highest per capita immigration rates in the world - while it is the second largest country in the world.

Job opportunities

A declining labour force, as baby boomers retire, has prompted the Canadian Government to attract offshore talent and for this reason has one of the most sophisticated immigration systems in the world.

As one of the major role playing international power houses the country, occupying the largest portion of North America, offers enormous opportunities for expats specializing in any imaginable field.


Top-Notch Infrastructure

Expats moving to Canada are able to take advantage of some of the country's fantastic infrastructural assets; namely, universal health insurance that grants near comprehensive coverage, to a high-standard healthcare system and free education at public schools that are well reputed.

Safe and Stable

The country is also considered one of the world’s safest and most politically stable incredibly safe country and, apart from separatist grumbles from the French-settled Quebec province, it has never been the target of terrorism or too much other ill will.


Source: Canadian Broadcast Corporation

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