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Almost Half of Expats Would Stay in Canada Forever

Almost half of all expats currently living in Canada said they would stay there forever if they could.

Almost Half Of Expats Would Stay In Canada Forever

A new survey that considered ease of settling in and quality of life are some of the things making Canada one of the ideal places for foreigners to settle.


The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation published the results of the newest InterNations Expat Insider survey.

Living abroad comes with its perks and challenges so learning how to adapt to varying places, cultures, and being apart from your crew is essential if you want to thrive advises the writer.

The InterNations expat survey polled over 12,500 respondents from 188 countries or territories, with representation from 166 nationalities.

Five key areas were assessed: Quality of Life, Ease of Settling In, Working Abroad, Family Life and Personal Finance. Of these categories, participants were asked to rate 43 different aspects of living abroad, from their level of satisfaction in relationships to how easy it was to adopt the local culture and "feel at home."
This year's results saw Bahrain taking the top spot, citing its inviting culture and flux of opportunities as key factors to its high ranking.

The study dug deeper into the Ease of Settling In Index in 2017, and for the first time in four years, Mexico was knocked off its podium by Bahrain. The nation jumped from the 12th spot in 2016. "Bahrainis are very friendly…everyone speaks English," said one expat.

The overall study found Greece at the bottom of expats favourite places, being that the country has been plagued with economic misfortunes.

Canada came in at the 23rd spot on the Ease of Settling In Index.

Forty-five percent of expats living in Canada said they're considering staying forever with standards of living being quite favourable; the country came in 13th place on the Quality of Life Index. The friendly Canadian spirit was also noted as a big plus: over 81 percent saw Canadians' attitude to foreign residents as friendly (46 percent vs. 26 percent worldwide).

The U.S. fell 17 spots and now sits at 43 out of 65 in the overall ranking, coming in last place for childcare costs and in the bottom bunch for education affordability.

The U.K. has also been in decline according to expats, and in 2017 it ranked 54th among 65 countries overall and 59th in the Personal Finance Index. U.K. weather had 61 percent giving the U.K. a thumbs down.

As for work perks, China was a big winner; two-thirds of respondents noted their strong satisfaction with their employment but pollution levels dragged their score under and the country's healthcare price tag weighing it down to the 55th spot.

Expats with kids found Finland to be the best country to live in thanks to its availability of both childcare and education.
The study identifies ten types of expats ranging from 'The Romantic' to the 'Traveling Spouse' to the 'Foreign Assignee' and the 'Ex-Student'.

'The Romantic', expat, for example, the person who moved for love, most often wished to reside in countries such as Finland, Greece, and Sweden. The 'Traveling Spouse' expat — people that moved because of their partner's job or education — typically ended up in Hong Kong, India, and Singapore.


What can be learned from the survey is that based on expats’ own experiences certain aspects of life might be much more important to them than others. South Africans, for instance, attach great value to a peaceful community and a sense of being safe. We also adjust better to countries where, like at home, we get to experience nature and have friendly neighbours.

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