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Canada Among Top Five Expat Countries – again!

Canada has historically always done well in quality of life surveys – the most noteworthy of which is the annual HSBC Quality of Life Survey.  It came as no surprise that Canada, who consistently ranked in the top 10 since the inception of the survey, once again placed very high on this year’s survey rankings.

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Canada placed third out of 163 countries in the survey which included 18,000 expats.  The top two spots went to Switzerland and Singapore respectively.  Spain placed fourth and New Zealand fifth.

Canada got a high rating from those seeking a better quality of life. HSBC says expats appreciate the spectacular scenery and diverse culture, and notes that many expats find it hard to leave.  It commented that 4 out of five expats planned to stay in Canada permanently.

Expats with family find the Canadian education system is “well prepared for the unique challenges expat children face.” Children are said to settle quickly and make new friends easily.

Almost half of parents (43%) agreed that the quality of education that their children receive is greater than at home, while 56% of parents believe that their children have a wider skillset and are more confident since moving to Canada.  Additionally, 53% believe that it is easy for their children to make friends.

Migrants and expats also cite a better work life balance since moving to Canada.  Quality of life outweighed career aspirations with just 20% of people replied that the reason they moved to Canada was to progress their career, well below the global average of 36%, while just 9% said that they were looking to improve their skillset, compared to the global average of 20%.


“Migrating and settling down in a new country is an exciting thought for many and Canada is one of the most welcoming countries for migrants of diverse cultural backgrounds.  Approximately 300,000 new migrants come here every year because of our economy, lifestyle, economic freedom and excellent quality of life," said Larry Tomei, Head of Retail Banking and Wealth Management at HSBC Bank Canada. 

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Source: Radio Canada International, Canada News Wire

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