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Canada and Australia place among top ten countries for migrants

Canada and Australia are amongst the ten best countries to be an expat in. The results of a new expat survey, released this week, showed that Canada and Australia are firm favourites amongst migrants and expats, but it seems that expat bliss awaits you in Sweden. Hot on Sweden’s heals ranked the international darling Canada, in second position.

Canada And Australia Place Among Top Ten Countries For Migrants

Australia also did exceptionally well in the rakings placing 4th, just after Switzerland and is followed by Germany. The United States took 7th position followed by the Netherlands, Finland and Denmark (in that order).


Ranking company US News and World Report said it looked at measures such as economic stability, income equality and job markets to create its list, using a special survey of the opinions of more than 21,000 business leaders and members of the public.

The ranking's authors say they also used data from the World Bank and the United Nations on migrant populations in different countries, as well as the amount of remittance sent back to their country of birth. The immigration project is part of a broader ranking, launched by US News and World Report last year listing the world's "best" countries for migrants to live in. The ranking is based on each country’s score in a variety of criteria rated as important to expats and migrants.

Eric Gertler, co-chairman of US News and the New York Daily News, said in an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald, that the experience of creating the best countries ranking showed them that many people view immigration as the most important issue in the world.

"With the recent spotlight on immigration in the US and abroad, we wanted to dive into its potential benefits and challenges on a country's perceived economic status in the world," Gertler said.

Though the US News ranking is not designed to look at refugee or asylum policy specifically, it does consider measures relevant to it.

"While our methodology did not focus on refugees specifically, it did take into account immigration policies and integration measures per analysis from the United Nations," said Deidre McPhillips, a US News data reporter who helped design the rankings.

"Our aim with this package was to focus on the economic aspects of immigration and the impacts this could have on a country's perceived standing in the world."

Canada scored very well in their feedback with most of their positive marks awarded for their stable and growing economy and very importantly integration measures being in place for immigrants. This included language training and support of new comers.

In total, 80 countries were included in the ranking. Kenya came bottom of the list, preceded by Guatemala and Tunisia.

The top 10 countries are:


1 Sweden
2 Canada
3 Switzerland
4 Australia
5 Germany
6 Norway
7 United States
8 Netherlands
9 Finland
10 Denmark

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