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Canada invests tens of millions to ensure migrants get work quickly

Canada is very committed to the success of its immigration program – migrants have kept Canada in a constant positive economic growth rate for many years.  The Canadian government realises that looking after newcomers means continued growth without strain on the country’s welfare coffers which is why Canada recently announced that it will be dedicating CAD $10 million to carefully selected programs exclusively aimed at helping migrants find well-paying employment fast.

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A statement on the Immigration Refugees, Citizenship Canada website declared that the CAD $10 million will be divided between 15 programs specifically designed to identify highly skilled migrants and get them placed with the most appropriate employer.  Some of the programs offer a service to facilitate the process of recognizing foreign credentials.

Having foreign credentials translated, assessed and recognized can be an exceptionally frustrating process.  In an effort to survive while their engineering or medical qualifications are being assessed many time-pressured professionals accept positions below their true pay scale.  In fear of becoming unemployed they stay in these jobs while their talents and skills are wasted on the wrong career.

Addressing the issue the Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) initiated programs looking for “innovative and collaborative concepts from stakeholders that address specific barriers to the integration of highly skilled newcomers into the Canadian labour market.”

"Helping newcomers get their foreign credentials recognized will allow them to kick-start their careers in Canada.  Their success is critical to growing our economy and strengthening the middle class. Through projects like these, we are giving more newcomers a fair chance at success in the Canadian workforce,” said Patty Hajdu, Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Labour.

 “Through this call for concepts, we are giving more newcomers a fair chance at success in Canada.”

Late last year the Canadian government worked with 960 newcomers to have their credentials recognized in record time so that they would find gainful employment in their field of expertise faster and fast track their integration in, and contribution to, the Canadian society.


In response Ahmed Hussen, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship commented, "I am proud that our Government is helping to reduce barriers and support newcomers - especially a number of women - as they put their skills to work in communities across Canada. This is especially important for people trained in various fields who can help fill growing vacancies in their new country."

The Foreign Credential Recognition (FCR) Program works with Canada’s provinces and territories and stakeholders such as non-profit organizations, regulatory bodies, post-secondary institutions and employers to fund and implement programs designed to facilitate the assessment and recognition of professional credentials acquired outside Canada so skilled immigrants can find


Source: Canada Immigration, IRCC and

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