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Canada is happy to take migrants from ‘shithole’ countries and here’s why

It seems that American President Donald Trump is missing out by not being interested in migrants from Africa and the Caribbean (or shithole countries as he puts it).

Canada Is Happy To Take Migrants From ‘Shithole’ Countries And Here’S Why

Recent Census data, made available by the Canadian Government, showed that Canada was growing and staying healthy with the help and expertise that migrants (even those from African countries) provide.


Data from the 2016 Census shows over the last five years there have been more than twice as many immigrants from Central America and the Caribbean (which includes Haiti and El Salvador) than there were from the U.S. There were also more immigrants from the African continent than from the U.S. and North and Western Europe combined.

Commenting on Trump’s remarks University of Calgary Associate Professor of Economics, Arvind Magesan, said “A merit-based system does not mean we [Canada] only admit people from the “Norway's” of the world — and in fact, the census data shows only 230 people immigrated from Norway over the five-year period.”

Magesan next investigated how these immigrants compared to 3rd generation Canadians and the result was very interesting.

“To look more closely at this, I used individual 2011 Canadian census data (detailed 2016 data isn’t yet available) to look at three groups: Canadians whose families have been here for three generations or longer; immigrants from the “Norway's” of the world (Northern and Western Europe, including the U.K., Germany, and Scandinavia) and immigrants from Trump’s “shithole” countries (Central America, the Caribbean, Africa).”

His investigation compared the skill levels of the different groups, as measured by their education level, and then at their economic self-sufficiency: Employment, wages and how much they receive in transfers and employment benefits from the government.

The professor’s study revealed that;

Regarding their skill-set…

• 40% of Canadians who had been in the country for three generations or longer have at least some post-secondary education, and 18 percent have a bachelor’s degree.
• 53% of immigrants have some post-secondary, and 27 percent of immigrants from Africa and the Caribbean (and from other third world countries) have a bachelor’s degree. So by this standard measure of skill, immigrants from these countries have a slightly higher skill level than immigrants from Norway and a much higher skill level on average than Canadians who have been here for generations.

CTC or Cost To Country…

• It is a myth that migrants, particularly from poorer countries, drain country coffers when they receive state benefits.
• Instead, facts show that migrants from Africa and Central America are more likely to be employed than migrants from other countries. In fact, they are far more likely to be employed than migrants from Norway.
• It seems migrants from ‘shithole’ countries carry their own weight.

It is clear from Magesan’s research that migrants from countries like South Africa are not typically low skill. They bring with them a wealth of experience in cutting-edge industries, exceptional education, and international quality qualifications.


Secondly, immigrants from the “Shithole” countries are generally no more dependent on the Canadian coffers than other Canadians. Though they earn less than those from the “Norway” countries, they are more likely to be employed and they receive less total government transfer payments.

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