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Canada rated best country for migrants

Addressing a negative population growth has meant that Canada has been welcoming migrants to their country for many years.  The Canadian government’s aggressive plan to populate the world’s second largest country has seen them committing to issuing more than a million visa and residency permits in a three year-span. 

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A new survey published by US News said that based on research, Canada is considered the best and most welcoming country in the world in terms of its approach to migrants.  In fact the country is known for its ‘mosaic’ approach to multiculturalism, where people from all cultures live in harmony, while also maintaining their cultural heritage and religious practices. In Canada, there are over 30 ethnic communities with 100,000+ people, and 11 that have a million or more people.

These are the top ten best countries for immigrants:

1. Canada

2. Switzerland

3. Sweden

4. Australia

5. Germany

6. United States

7. Norway

8. Denmark

9. Netherlands

10. Finland

Here are ten reasons that make Canada a brilliant choice for immigrants:

  1. 1.       Canada is one of the most inclusive countries in the world

In 2005, Canada became the 4th nation in the world to legalize same-sex marriage and the first outside of Europe. A 2017 poll found that Canadians overwhelmingly support same-sex marriage.

  1. 2.       Women have a strong voice

Women also have a strong voice in Canada. When Justin Trudeau was elected Prime Minister in 2015, he committed to a cabinet with 50/50 representation between genders.

  1. 3.       Canada is the 10th largest economy in the world

Canada has the 10th largest economy, with an output of 1.6 trillion or $48,100 per capita. Though Canada is well-known for its wealth of natural resources, Canada’s economy is actually heavily service-oriented, with 78.9% of Canadians working in a service-related job, according to Statistics Canada.

  1. 4.       A top-notch education system

Canada spends more on education per capita than any other industrialized nation in the world and has been named the most educated country in the world. Canada’s K-12 public education system is regarded as one of the best in the world.

  1. 5.       Canada’s tech industry is growing rapidly

The tech sector is Canada’s fastest growing industry, which spells good things for Canada’s future, as the need for tech professionals continues to boom. Government support and investment in Canada’s tech industry is strong.

  1. 6.       Canada offers universal healthcare

In Canada province or territory in Canada has a healthcare plan which provides all residents with reasonable access to medical services, without paying out of pocket for healthcare services such as hospital visits or access to doctors. In 2017, Canada spent $6,323 per person on healthcare, according to the OECD.

  1. 7.       Canada has the best benefits, holidays and paid leave in North America

It’s the only country in North America with mandated vacation leave, with 2 guaranteed weeks of paid vacation for all employees, in addition to 6 to 10 statutory holidays, depending on the province. Canadians are also guaranteed access to a variety of monetary protections including Employment Insurance (EI), old age security, the Canadian Pension Plan (CPP), and a federal childcare benefit.

  1. 8.       It is an extremely safe country

According to the Global Peace Index of 2018, Canada was ranked the 6th most peaceful nation in the world.

  1. 9.       Canada has a stable, democratic political system

Scandals are few and far between and tend to be very mild.  There’s little in the way of widespread corruption, fraud or government distrust. In fact Canadians generally trust and respect their government.

  1. 10.   It is beautiful and clean

Canada has always had a reputation as being one of the world’s most beautiful countries in the world.  Canadians are conscious of their environment and environmental issues.





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