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Canada sees the benefit of importing skills

Canada and Canadians have long realized that their immigration system is the key to the country’s economic prosperity and that without migrants the country would find it difficult to compete on the world stage.

The results of a recent study supported this fact when it found that most Canadians support sensible immigration policies and understand the need to import the skills that are not locally available.  Canadians also know that migrants often directly or indirectly create jobs locals could fill.  In fact reliable studies have found that migrants created jobs for Canadian citizens.


“By the time they'd been in Canada nine years, about 5.3 per cent of immigrants owned a private company, meaning they formed new businesses more quickly than the Canadian-born population, where the rate is 4.8 per cent,” found the results of a study by Statistics Canada.

The report continued to say that, “Another 19.6 per cent of immigrants were unincorporated self-employed persons, compared with 16.1 per cent for the Canadian-born group.

Longer-term immigrants, who had been in Canada from 10 to 30 years, also appeared to be more entrepreneurial than the Canadian-born, Statistics Canada said.

It found 5.8 per cent of longer-term immigrant tax-filers were owners of private incorporated companies.

The study was based on tax data from the year 2010, looking at immigrants who had arrived in 2004 and in the 10 to 30 year period leading up to 2010.

A public opinion poll, of 1 522 people conducted in last year, found Canadian attitudes towards immigration are mostly positive or neutral – as long as the country’s migration policy stays sensible.

Canadians want from migrants make perfect sense for their community and office environments.  They require the newcomer to bring skills and integrate into their community.  This makes perfect sense for the migrant too – if he wants make the most of his immigration journey.

Essentially Canadians are welcoming of migrants who conform to the country’s migration policies and are however understandably skeptical of mass migration.


Migration Criteria for Skilled Migrants on an Economic Class Visa

•             Proven Skilled work experience for the position you will be employed in

•             Proof of at least a year’s experience in the same or similar position

•             Proof that you meet Canada’s language requirements

•             Proper assessment of all your credentials through an approved authority or body

•             Your age will play a role.  Applicants in their 20’s and 30’s are awarded more points than those who are older

•             You will be awarded additional point if you already have a Canadian job offer

•             You must show that you have enough money to support yourself and your family after you arrive in Canada, unless you go to Canada with a valid job offer from an employer in Canada

•             Your background check and criminal record should be squeaky clean.  Conviction for crimes of any sort will be held against your application.



Sources: Toronto Sun, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and New World immigration

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