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Canada Votes: What the three major political parties are promising around immigration

Immigration legislation promises made by Canadian federal parties could have a huge impact on those planning their immigration. 

Canada Votes What The Three Major Political Parties Are Promising Around Immigration

The Toronto Sun asked, “The U.S. is currently proposing an amnesty program for some illegal immigrants. Would your government consider that, and if not, what does it plan to do about the issue?”
Conservative Party of Canada: “We do not have a comparable issue to that of the United States,” and highlighted that migrants would still play a major role in Canadian society and the Canadian economy, by adding that; “However, while we welcome immigrants to this country who contribute to our economy, we will continue to crack down on foreign nationals who commit serious crimes in Canada.”

New Democratic Party of Canada: “Liberals and Conservatives have made a mess of immigration, from the Temporary Foreign Workers program to family reunification. We believe in fair, humane and compassionate rules. That’s why we fought for a grace period for Haitian refugees earlier this year, and a fair path to citizenship for Temporary Foreign Workers.”

Liberal Party of Canada: “Under Stephen Harper, Canadians are being encouraged to be fearful of one another, and our country has experienced 10 years of decline in three major areas: family reunification, refugees, and citizenship applicants. A Liberal government will end the Conservative decade of failure, and restore fairness to Canada’s immigration system.”

Here are the major platform offerings from the Conservatives, NDP and Liberals on this important issue, according to the Toronto Sun;

Liberal Party of Canada: (Released full immigration platform Friday)

•Nearly double budget for family class immigration processing.
•Double number of new applications allowed each year, for parents and grandparents, from 5,000 to 10,000.
•Provide greater access to applicants with Canadian siblings, by granting additional points under the Express Entry system.
•Restore maximum age for dependents to 22 instead of 19, allowing Canadians — often live-in caregivers — to bring their children to Canada.
•Grant immediate permanent residency to new spouses entering Canada, rather than imposing a two-year conditional status.

NDP (Have not released full immigration platform yet)

•Accelerate immigration process times so families can be reunited faster.
•Work with provinces, territories and stakeholders to streamline the recognition of foreign credentials to help new Canadians fully participate in the economy.
•Offer temporary foreign workers a path to citizenship.

Conservative Party of Canada

•Double the number of loans available to new immigrants who need help getting their foreign credentials recognized in Canada by boosting Foreign Credential Recognition Loans program by $8 million.
•Continue with new Immigrant Investor Venture Capital pilot program designed to attract experienced business immigrants who can actively invest in the Canadian economy.
•New Citizenship Act mandates that any dual national convicted of terrorism, espionage, treason, or takes up arms against our Canadian Armed Forces, will not have the right to hold Canadian citizenship.

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