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Canada's immigration system welcomes everyone says minister

Canada’s Immigration Minister, a migrant himself, has recently expressed the Canadian government’s pro-migrant attitude. The facts are that Canada has as far back as the 1700’s provided a safe haven for migrants from war affected regions – including those fleeing slavery in America. Jews escaping religious persecution in Russia in the early 1900’s also found a peaceful haven in Canada while more than 90 000 political refugees were given homes there too. The country has already accepted thousands of skilled migrants through its economic migration plan and still more and more people continue to join family already settled in Canada.

Canadas Immigration System Welcomes Everyone Says Minister

"Canada is a nation of immigrants," Canadian Minister of Immigration Ahmed Hussen tells Business Insider. "We've always had immigration as a key tool for economic growth and nation-building."


"There's an understanding in Canada that immigration is a net-positive for our society," Hussen added, "and that we should continue to have a very robust immigration system that welcomes those in need of protection but also those that want to come and give us their skills and talents."

For Canada with the country's low fertility rate and small population immigrants represent an economic benefit on multiple levels. Business can develop as the necessary talent is available. Gainfully employed migrants stimulate local economy through supporting Canadian businesses and services.

The minister added that besides the economic benefits migrants offer other benefits too,"There are very substantial contributions to our economic growth, our prosperity, to our social and cultural mosaic.”
Canada's immigration process used to be lengthy and difficult, sometimes taking 8-10 years for applications to go through. But since 2015, Canada has offered a so-called Express Entry system. Modelled after the New Zealand and Australian models, people in the Express Entry program only wait at most six months to have their residency applications processed. People earn certain scores for the skills they bring, such as experience level, number of degrees, and so on.

For all others, there are several routes to gaining residency, and then full citizenship. The cost can run into the thousands, but logistically the process is more straightforward than a lot of other countries.

"Our immigration system welcomes everyone from all over the world," he says.



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