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Canada's unemployment rate has hit a new record low

New data shows that Canada’s unemployment rate has hit a new record low.  Nearly 95% of the country’s population is employed compared to South Africa where not even 75% of its citizens are working.

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As South Africans know too well, a countries’ unemployment levels have a direct impact on everything from social responsibilities, healthcare, infrastructure, the economy and even crime levels.  There is a proven link between unemployment and the occurrence of not only petty crimes but also violent crimes.

While Canada’s unemployment rate is 5.6%, its murder rate is 2 cases per 100 000 of its total population. In contrast, South Africa’s unemployment rate is 26.7% and the murder rate is 29 times higher.  You are therefore 29 times more likely to be killed in South Africa than in Canada.  Shockingly the rape rate in South Africa is 178 times higher than in Canada.

South Africa’s unemployment rate has also contributed to the country’s debt – which at more than US $ 500 billion is 40 times more debt than that of Canada.

Canada’s population currently stands at 20 million people less that South Africa has to feed, clothe, educate and provide social and health services for.  This is easily achievable for Canada, a country with a GDP 5 times more than that of South Africa and with a state budget of nearly US$ 479 billion – 6 times more than South Africa’s.

Proving the link between unemployment / poverty and crime levels, Canada reported that as their unemployment rate dropped even further and is now, at 5.6%, the lowest it has been in 42 years, so did crime levels.  While Canada’s crime levels were very low already it is now also showing signs of a further drop.


The country added 94,000 jobs in the month of November, an unusually strong showing and well above economists' expectations. The gains were led by increases in full-time work, StatCan noted.

Quebec saw the strongest job growth, adding 26,000 jobs in the month. Its jobless rate, at 5.4 per cent, is close to the lowest the province has ever seen.  Alberta added 24,000 jobs in November, and its jobless rate fell a full percentage point to 6.3 per cent. Ontario added 20,000 jobs, and its jobless rate held steady at 5.6 per cent.


Source: CIN, Huffington Post, Nationmaster

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