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Canadian Job Prospects are the best that they’ve ever been

Canada is a growing country, welcoming of migrants who will contribute to the country’s prosperity.  New information says that now is the best time ever to make your move if you were considering immigrating to Canada.

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Slow population growth and an aging population meant that employers have had to become more creative and competitive in attracting good quality talent. Employers will have to look further and do more to attract the right talent says labour market experts Hays, or face losing their industry share.

The results of the 2019 Hays Canada Salary Guide survey pointed to the fact that 75 per cent of employers said a shortage of skilled workers has heightened stress and workloads of existing staff and that they were doing more to fill these positions with the right candidates.  About 4,000 Canadian employers and employees participated in the survey. 

"Jobs are pretty plentiful and we see that employers have really strong demand for workers," said Brendon Bernard, an economist at job-search company Indeed Canada.

Unemployment reaches 40-year low with 94,100 new jobs added in November 2018 creating a demand for qualified staff.

“But across much of the country, there are compelling signs that labour shortages will cause significant operating difficulties if employers don't take proactive steps to not only attract new talent, but keep the staff they've got,” reports an article by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation saying that both the Bank of Canada and the Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses have noted labour shortages are becoming a problem for day-to-day business.


Another survey, this time by the Manpower Group, found that 41 per cent of employers find it difficult to fill jobs.  Occupations that are especially in demand and hard to fill are skilled trades and jobs in information technology.

Employers said that a lack of applicants, experience and hard skills were the main reasons why they could not find the right employees locally, which means that employers are starting to import the talent they need.

Commenting on the situation was Darlene Minatel who wrote in a press release issued by the company that job seekers don't always have the skills employers need. To solve our growing skills gap, we need to take a new approach.


Source: CBC and BNN Bloomberg

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