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Educated and Skilled Young Professionals: Taking their talents offshore

South Africa is staring another brain drain in the face says local opinion makers. Experienced and educated South Africans are pulling the plug and taking their skills of shore.

Educated And Skilled Young Professionals

More and more South Africans are investigating immigrating to countries such as Australia, New Zealand and Canada in a bid to escape what many feels is an impending local disaster. Earlier this month economists announced that the country has officially hit a recession which was fueled by the country’s dump to junk economic status earlier this year. This has led to predicted further ratings downgrades putting more pressure on South Africans to cut their losses and look for opportunities further afield.


Rubbing salts in the wounds of an ailing economy is the steady increase in crime unemployment and political scandal upon political scandal the newest of which is the news of the Gupta email leaks with information showing that our president is acquiring a very expensive mansion in Dubai.

The volatility of the local currency is worsened by a sharp decline in foreign investment which would have created jobs and would have fueled the economy. Now South Africans have fewer opportunities and with an already weak spending power local business are feeling the brunt of the crisis as consumers are forced to cut back on spending on even basic goods like food and transport.

This week Eskom announced further electricity price increases – putting even more pressure on the already thin pockets of South Africans.

As a result young professionals, with complete and valuable skill-sets, are making the drastic decision to move their talents to safer, more stable environments with better career opportunities and the promise of an overall much better quality of life.

South Africans are sought after in countries like Australia, New Zealand and Canada – where they are known as hard workers with the necessary experience.

Going Down Under

Australia has historically and traditionally been a firm favourite with South African migrants. With the familiarity of relaxed locals, sunny weather and stunning natural beauty it is no surprise that so many South Africans choose to move to Australia. The country offers, what might seem to a dream to South Africans; a stable political environment, a strong and steadily growing economy, world-class schools, hospitals, public transport, governmental support and near faultless infra-structure.

South Africans have six visas available to them – depending on their unique circumstances. These include visas for retirement, studying, investing, entrepreneurs and the most popular the Work Visa.

If your occupation is listed on the Skilled Occupation List, you have experience in that field with a qualification to back it, you are likely to be issued an Australian Work Visa.

Certain conditions apply before a foreigner is invited to apply for a visa and it would therefore be advisable to get the advice and professional assistance of an experienced immigration consultant.

Canada is looking for young people

It might be cold outside but expect a warm welcome in Canada. The country is one of the world’s fastest growing but their population is battling to keep up with their innovation and growth and as such the Canadian government is particularly interested in skilled professionals between 25 – 45.

Canada offers South Africans two visa streams; The Skilled Express Entry Visa and the J1 Visa for Au Pairs.

The new immigration application management process for the Canadian Economic Immigration program aims to meet current needs in the Canadian economy and will allow for more employment opportunities for immigrants.
Exciting news for would-be au pairs is that a custom designed visa is now available. This visa allows foreigners to be legally employed as childcare providers. This visa keeps you safe from being exploited – which means you have a measure of surety that you will be looked after and treated fairly.

New Zealand is interested in medical professionals and tradesmen

Serious about growing their economy and realizing that this means finding the best talent for the job the New Zealand government is willing to look aboard to find the talent needed and for this reason the New Zealand Skilled Migrant Visa was introduced under the Temporary Residency migrant stream.

The New Zealand government regularly updates and publishes a list of occupations it deems necessary for the future growth of the country. Essentially migrants who are able to prove their skills, qualifications or experience, in any of the listed occupations may be able to apply for a residency visa under the Skilled Migrant Category.


The Skilled Migrant Category is a points system based on factors such as age, work experience, your qualifications, and an offer of skilled employment.

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