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Eligible for a New Zealand Visa

Immigrating to New Zealand, as is the case with most countries, can be a complicated and costly exercise, but as most who have immigrated to New Zealand will tell you it is worth it! It need not be an intimidating minefield filled with legal jargon and huge expenses if you ensure that you are properly prepared from the onset of your application.

Eligible For A New Zealand Visa

We have compiled a simple sifting test which will indicate in which areas of the visa application you would qualify and which areas would pose challenges in your application. These Yes / No questions are based on the Skilled Migrant Visa category requirements, point are awarded for every individual’s case. If you are unable to answer Yes to all or most of these questions chances are you probably don’t qualify for this visa, but if you can answer yes to most or all of these questions you should schedule a meeting with a registered New Zealand immigration consultant to start your visa application right away.


Do you meet the minimum criteria in our Quick Check below?

Answer YES or NO to the following questions. If you get mostly, or all YES-answers, you are likely to be successful when you apply for your New Zealand visa!

• Are you under 56 years of age?

No / Yes

Most migrants to New Zealand are between the ages of 28 and 45 years old. The Kiwi government is keen to expand their work force and are interested in migrants who will be self-sufficient and actively contribute to their community.

However, if you are older than 56 but you are financially independent you would still qualify for a New Zealand retirement visa. Ask your immigration consultant about this option.

• Are you, your partner and your children all healthy?

No / Yes

New Zealand has a responsibility to provide healthcare to their citizens. Migrants who are likely to burden their system due to pre-existing illnesses will not qualify for a visa under the Skilled Migrant Visa stream. Speak to your immigration consultant about other visa options that might be more appropriate for your situation.

• Are you, your partner and your children free of major criminal convictions and not a security risk?

No / Yes

New Zealand is a relatively crime free and politically stable country. Any person who may disrupt the peace or has a history of socially unacceptable behaviour and crimes will not be allowed into the country.

There are however exceptions that may apply to your conviction. Consult your immigration consultant for advice.

• Can you competently speak, write and understand English?

No / Yes

English is the official language in New Zealand and is used mostly by the Kiwi society and in the workplace. It is imperative that migrants are able to prove that they are able to comfortably communicate in English and comprehend it without difficulty.

• Have you been offered a job in New Zealand?

No / Yes

If the answer is YES you have a very good chance at being a successful visa applicant. New Zealand is suffering from a severe skill shortage and many jobs cannot be filled by their citizens for this reason their government is keen to assist their enterprises and businesses to grow and create more opportunities for locals.

• Do you have a tertiary or trade qualification?

No / Yes

Under this visa stream you will have to prove that you are qualified to do the job and that you are educated.


If you have more questions contact an immigration consultant at New World Immigration who will gladly assist you with the application process.

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