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Ensure your Australian Work Visa is in order or face criminal charges

Speaking on the matter ABF Assistant Commissioner Clive Murray said the ABF is committed to combatting visa fraud and illegal work.

Ensure Your Australian Work Visa Is In Order Or Face Criminal Charges

"The ABF, the operational arm of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, continues to conduct regular field compliance work to ensure individuals act consistently with the requirements of their visa and that employers comply with their obligations to employ people legally", Assistant Commissioner Murray said.

"Individuals need to be aware of the conditions of their visa and ensure they are legally allowed to reside and work in Australia. As well as identifying individuals who are in breach of their visa conditions, we also seek to identify unscrupulous employers who exploit visa holders."

"The Department has an important role facilitating the appropriate and well-managed migration of people to Australia and ensuring individuals comply with the conditions afforded by their visa is an integral part of that system working as intended."

Back home in South Africa, one illegal immigrant enters South Africa every 10 minutes, according to the Home Affairs regional director.

In reaction Robbie Ragless, CEO of South Africa’s largest immigration agency – New World Immigration, said that violators of immigration legislation run the serious and very real risk of being classified as criminals, not only in Australia but in all world countries.

“It is in the prospective migrant’s interest to ensure that they comply with immigration regulations both here and abroad.

“While some prospective migrants might feel overwhelmed by the immigration process and take their chances by accepting employment while on a non-working visa or overstaying the conditions of their visa, it need not be a daunting endeavour to obtain your visa allowing you to legally live and work either in South Africa or overseas.

“Using an experienced and professional immigration consultant ensures that you cross the‘t’s’ and dot the ‘i’s’ and gives you the best possible chance of a successful visa application.”

In May this year the South African police and immigration officers from the Department of Home Affairs launched a joint operation to flush out thousands of undocumented immigrants.

In one weekend more than 100 immigrants whose citizen and work status could not be verified by immigration officers were arrested. Those arrested included Zimbabweans whose work and refugee permits had expired.

In reaction President Jacob Zuma said while foreign nationals are welcome in South Africa, they must be properly documented and that illegal immigrants won't be tolerated.

South Africa deported nearly 10,000 illegal migrants at the end of September.


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