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Exciting New Opportunity for migrant IT experts interested in New Zealand

New Zealand, and specifically Wellington, is serious about attracting skilled migrants to fill existing gaps in their IT industry. These occupations cannot be filled by Kiwi’s as there is suffering from a lack of both educated and experienced IT experts.

Exciting New Opportunity For Migrant IT Experts Interested In New Zealand

Wellington’s employment market has come up with a genius way to address the shortage of skills quickly and effectively – compile a list of 100 candidates that already meet the requirements for both a vacant position and immigration laws. This is what LookSee website does, making it easier for talented IT folks to get connected with Kiwi employers looking for their skills.


Wellington Regional Economic Agency spokesman David Jones said applications are officially open.

"They [migrants] will then go through a screening process to apply and get selected, all being while they get selected and are invited to actually come to Wellington to see the benefits of living and working here as well as go through a series of interviews with a number of companies."

He said flights and accommodation will all be paid for by co-founders WREDA, WorkHere and Immigration New Zealand.

Jones said one news article in the San Francisco Chronicle has already sparked 400 sign ups.

He said there's just not that sort of talent in New Zealand yet.

"In the long term, what our ambitions are is to create that talent through graduates and people retraining here in Wellington, but the demand is now and the supply isn't there, so we're trying to bridge that gap."

In May 2017, LookSee in co-operation with Immigration New Zealand, WREDA and WorkHere will take 100 lucky candidates from around the world to Wellington (flights and accommodation paid for), for a series of pre-arranged interviews and unique Wellington experiences.

According to the parties involved in this initiative they are actively looking for businesses and talent to take part in this exciting venture.

How it works:

1. If you are a talented, experienced and educated IT professional you might be a candidate you must register with the LookSee website

2. The LookSee team then pre-screens all the applicants

3. Prospective employers are then given an opportunity to look through the video profiles and CV’s of candidates that made it through the initial screening process

4. If a candidate impressed a participating employer the employer will make contact and

5. The prospective employers nominate candidates for a LookSee Wellington place

6. Based on the number of nominations a candidate receives they will then be ranked amongst the top 100 candidates and are then offered a LookSee spot. This means that their flights and accommodation to New Zealand will be paid for in full while they visit New Zealand for a number of lined-up interviews with prospective employers.


7. Based on the outcome of these meetings Employers make job offers.

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