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Expanding your business?

Toronto, Canada, offers a free market economy and thrives on private enterprise and in New Zealand’s Wellington it takes less than a day to set up shop. Both cities have gain in popularity and it the researchers are confident that these are the best cities to expand your growing business to.

Expanding Your Business

Toronto, Canada

The business and financial capital of Canada is cosmopolitan Toronto. The city with the French flavour still does most of it’s trading in English making it easy for foreigners to adjust to do business in the city.


Toronto is also home to many of Canada’s large industry, banking and retail headquarters, presenting even more growth opportunity for a new business settling in the city.

The Toronto economy is dominated by free market activities and private enterprise. As a result, it’s relatively easy to commence or expand business activities.

With the lowest total taxes, including the most generous R&D tax treatment, and the second lowest business costs among G8 countries, professionals enjoy a much better cost of living and plenty of talented workers available for hire – so says the researchers at The Next Web. An influential global tech trend sharing website for over 10 years.

Wellington, New Zealand

New Zealand ranks as the easiest place in the world to start a business, taking less than a day.

The country’s GDP rose 3.6 percent in the second quarter of 2016, one of the top growth rates in the developed world. The local market is highly deregulated and guarantees stability, free trade, and active government support for investments to companies expanding in New Zealand.


Wellington boasts a highly-educated, creative and innovative workforce, continued economic growth as well as lower operating costs and a great mix of small business support. And at 47 percent, the capital city is well above the national average (33 percent) for workforce in knowledge intensive industry.


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