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Expat families feel most at home in New Zealand in Australia

Most families reported that access to excellent schooling and healthcare for families and children have been pivotal in their decision making process. These factors resulted in 57% of expat families spending five years or more in the same foreign country and in this case Australia and New Zealand.

Expat Families Feel Most At Home In New Zealand In Australia

The same HSBC Bank survey indicated that 50% of childless were inclined to reside in the same foreign country for 5 years or more.

Asked to list the major reasons for stating overseas, expat families told the bank that making friends for their children was top.

Next, parents wanted their children to feel at home in a foreign country so that they were enjoying their lives and to be able to complete at least a phase of their schooling without it being interrupted by a big move.

Expat families listed Australia and New Zealand amongst their favourite countries to settle with New Zealand placing second internationally.

Almost three quarters of families stayed in this country for five years or more compared to the international average of 57%.

The survey also revealed children in New Zealand and Australia led a healthier outdoors lifestyle, including playing more sport than average.

In Australia, 71% of children took part in sports. The global average was 28%.

Expat families top picks

When asked to list their favourite expat destinations for families, Sweden ranked first, followed by New Zealand and Singapore.

Sweden took top honours due to their reputation for providing very impressive schooling, government help with bringing up children and the country’s ability to maintain an exceptionally high standard of living.

Speaking from the Cape Town office of New World Immigration, South Africa’s leading immigration agent for South African’s relocating to Australia and New Zealand, CEO Robbie Ragless said that first-hand experience supports the HSBC Bank’s findings.

“Many of our clients choose to immigrate to Australia or New Zealand and all of them report that once there, their – and their family’s – quality of life significantly improved.

“Parents said that they were less stressed and worried about their children being the victims of crime and this has resulted in children experiencing healthier levels of freedom to meet friends, walk to school and spending time outdoors.”
Ragless added that a huge motivating factor for parents to immigrate is in fact to ensure that their children have access to a more promising future.

“Parents go to extraordinary lengths to make sure their children have access to good healthcare, excellent schooling, a safe environment and prospects of being gainfully employed - for our clients this means immigrating to countries like Australia, New Zealand and Canada where these needs will be met.”

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