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FAQ about the Canadian Work Permit and why you should use an immigration agency

1. What is a Canadian work permit?

A Canadian work visa or work permit is a document issued by the Canadian Government that allows a foreign individual to work at a specific job for a specific employer.

FAQ About The Canadian Work Permit And Why You Should Use An Immigration Agency

2. Canadian Immigration authorities define “work” as;

An activity for which remuneration is earned or that competes directly with activities of Canadian citizens or permanent residents in the Canadian labour market.

3. Who needs a valid work permit to work in Canada?

Any person who is not a Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents of Canada requires a valid Work Permit to work in Canada.

4. What is the first step to obtaining my Canadian work visa?

The first step is to obtain a valid job offer from a Canadian employer except in the case of some foreigners who are spouses/common law partners of certain work permit holders, the spouses/common law partners of foreign students in Canada, asylum seekers, in-land sponsored family members, and destitute students qualifying for open work permits and do not require a prior job offer.

5. Who issues Canadian work permits?

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), a department of the Canadian Government, issues work permits.

6. What are the different work permits available in Canada?

There are two broad categories of work permits; those that relate to jobs requiring the Canadian Government department of Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) confirmation (HRSDC 2), and those that are exempt from HRSDC confirmation (HRSDC 1).

7. Where do I apply for my work permit?

Depending on what country you are a national of, some work permits may be applied for at a Canadian Port of Entry. Other work permits must be applied for before leaving for Canada at the Canadian visa office responsible for your country of citizenship or the country to which you have been lawfully admitted.

Speak to your New World Immigration practitioner about the Canadian work visa application process.

8. How long does it take before I obtain my work permit?

Typically work visa applications filed outside of Canada are issued within a matter of days or weeks, depending on whether or not a medical examination is required and the workload at the particular visa office to which you applied.

9. How long can a work permit be issued for and can it be extended?

The length of your work permit depends entirely on the nature of your job in Canada and the work permit category under which you have applied. Work permits can be extended from inside Canada, but some work permits have a maximum duration.

10. Can I change employers on the same work permit?

Your work permit is directly related to a specific Canadian employer. This means you’d be in breach of your work visa agreement if your changed employers.

Should you wish to change employers you must apply for a new work permit. Only workers admitted to Canada on an open work permit can change employer without reapplying. Open work permits are the exception and may be available to the spouses/common law partners of certain work permit holders, the spouses/common law partners of foreign students in Canada, asylum seekers, in-land sponsored family members, and destitute students in Canada.

11. Do I require a medical exam as part of my work permit application?

A medical examination is always required before commencing work in an occupation in which protection of the public health is essential. Otherwise, depending on your country of residence, you may be required to take a medical exam prior to approval of your work permit if the job offer exceeds six months.

12. Can my spouse/common law partner and children come with me or follow me to Canada?

Yes, your spouse/common law partner and dependent children can accompany or follow you to Canada. In many cases, persons entering Canada on a work permit may request that an open work permit be issued for their spouse/common law partner. To learn more about open work permits for spouses/common law partners, click here.

In some instances, your children may require a study permit to attend school in Canada.

13. Does the Canadian Government charge fees to obtain a work permit?

The Canadian government charges CA$ 150 per work permit application. Additional fees would be necessary if a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) is also required.

14. Why consider employing an immigration practitioner?

Often, employment and business opportunities are time sensitive and for that reason having a legal representative in Canada with expertise in the area of work permits is the most efficient way to proceed.

15. What services can you expect from New World Immigration?

New World Immigration evaluates which work permit applies to you and if so whether or not you are entitled to one.

Trained immigration professionals will advise you of the steps needed to receive your work permit and on what is required in order to achieve the best possible outcome of your application by submitting the correct and complete supportive paperwork while you relax and leave the paper work to the professionals!

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