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Give your family the best by raising them here

Raising children in a safe, clean, healthy, stimulating environment sound like a dream, but new well-respected surveys say raising your kids in Canada, Australia and New Zealand is as good as it get (and it is pretty good).

Give Your Family The Best By Raising Them Here

To compile their list all three research companies factored in important consideration which will have an impact on family life. This included the weather, cost of living, the people, culture, exposure to enriching environments access to exercise and leisure, the quality of schools, hospitals and infrastructure and even the life expectancy of current citizens.


We focused on the ranking and the motivation behind the ranking for Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Here’s what the researchers came up with.

Business Insider:

On this list Australia was ranked in 6th position.

Researchers found that the average income per person in Australia is high at US$48,806
The country offers many world-class universities, Australia is famous for their education system. Each state and territory is responsible for managing their system of education but this should be in accordance with the national standards implemented in 2014. The government also offers a lot of student-friendly loan programs for those students willing and eligible for a university education. Their health care system is also commendable. Life expectancy is 82.15 years on average. Also, Australia is the sixth largest country in the world but has very limited population. The cost of living is not too much and immigrants are welcome.

Canada ranked 5th!

If you live in Canada you can expect to earn an average income per person of US$46,199
Thanks to Justin Trudeau, Canada’s much loved President, the country is welcoming people from all over the world with open arms. And it would do you good to accept this invitation. Canada provides world-class dental and medical care. Which is mostly free! Even without health insurance, medical care will not cost you much. Also, they have an excellent post-secondary education system. And average tuition is only $5974, which is less than US, Japan and Australia. Multi-culturism is encouraged in Canada. The people of Canada are known to be very humble and friendly and it is considered a very safe and stable country to live in.

New Zealand continues to do well with a fourth position

New Zealanders typically earn around US$36,950 while it is less than their mates in Australia, it is still a very good income which will get you far in New Zealand.

Because of its beauty New Zealand is popular with families. Apart from a scenic beauty, NZ is also known for being the home of happy citizens. The press in NZ enjoys utmost freedom. The health care system is also very good. Average life expectancy is 81.05 years. And they provide high quality education that is not very expensive. The people have an amazing work-life balance and have a laid back attitude about life. This is one of the ideal places to live in this year.

The HSBC reports agrees; you can’t go wrong with Australia, New Zealand and Canada

The same considerations were made and the researchers also asked respondents to rate the countries on the ease of arranging your expat child’s education/schooling, making new friends, experiencing new cultures and if the country offered them a healthier lifestyle.

This report placed New Zealand 4th, Canada 6th and Australia 7th.

Mercer Consulting considered the best cities in which to raise children

Mercer considered the political, social and economic environments of the participating countries. Socio-cultural environment (censorship, limitations on personal freedom, etc) were also included and so was health and sanitation. Of course, schools and education played a key role as did public services and transportation. As with the other surveys access to recreation and the outdoors was also rated.
On this list the countries scored as follow:


3 Auckland
11 Sidney
13 Wellington
14 Ottowa
15 Torronto
18 Melbourne

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