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How migrants experience Canada Part 3

Our three-part series on how migrant and expats’ view Canada must have certainly given prospective migrants a better idea of what to expect from Canada. The research, done by an internationally recognized Canadian publication, reported on interviews with migrants about their first-hand experience of Canada and how they think others view the country. Not surprisingly Canada doesn’t just talk the talk it is obvious the country really is all it promises it is. A golden thread through all the feedback given, on to the survey questions we published, is that Canada really offers the dream that so many expats and migrants are longing for; safety, security, freedom of speech, religion and association, opportunities to earn an income and provide for a family and access to good education and healthcare in a First World country.

How Migrants Experience Canada

A few of the responses stood out as examples of what migrants’ general experience of Canada is:


• Canada is welcoming of diversity
“A welcoming country, one where people are open to other cultures and ideas.”
“I have come to appreciate the regional diversity within Canada since living abroad. Every province has its own unique cultural identity, while also maintaining a shared sense of national pride. I’ve come to see that this is very special.”
• It is a country of natural beauty
“For me, Canada is nature, parks, the outdoors. I appreciate so much more our freedoms that we enjoy and that I took for granted.”
• Equality and freedom of expression and association
“In Canada I would never worry about saying what I think, even if it was critical of our government. For me, Canada is a land of equality, something that I never fully understood until moving to a country where class lines are still more firmly drawn.”
“I’ve come to appreciate my country much more – for it being multicultural and accepting of differences while celebrating the uniqueness of our diversity, which unified us.”
• The country is politically stable
“Given the political climate this year, I am really proud of Canada. Most Canadians have really embraced the progressive ideas and refused to give into a lot of the negative and hateful sentiments that have spread in many countries.”
“People used to talk about Canada with mild interest. In these politically volatile days, people express envy.”
• It offers a high standard of living and ample opportunities
“Canada has one of the highest standards of living in the world - Canadians should be cognizant of how lucky they are!”

“Canada enjoys a positive reputation in Dubai. It is viewed as a dream country with tremendous future promise.”

“Canada is a great country that remains peaceful and kind … but cold. I’ve come to appreciate how well run and transparent it is and appreciates the quality of education it offers.”

There are a number of options available to anyone who might want to migrate to Canada. The country is proud of its sophisticated immigration system. Law makers also realize the importance of attracting skilled migrants so that economic growth and innovation can be nurtured and skilled, educated and experienced migrants, in most industries, have an above average chance of being successful in their visa applications.

Canada Immigration and Citizenship encourages visa applicants to consult immigration experts before lodging a visa application as it is a legal process that could be complicated for those who are inexperienced in visa applications.


“Not making use of a recognized and accredited migration consultant is a bad idea. We often find that visa applications are rejected due to incomplete applications, missing information and supporting documents that have been omitted. This leads to the application being rejected costing the applicant valuable time and money and causing avoidable delays,” warned CEO of South African-based New World Immigration, Robbie Ragless.

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