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I’m Emigrating to Australia, Do I Need a Skills Assessment?

Yes, you do and it is best not to waste any time starting the process!

Obtaining a suitable skills assessment is mandatory for most visas and may be requested for others; we suggest that all our clients have it done as a valid skills assessment will give any job or visa applicant a massive edge over someone who hasn’t started the process yet.  In fact we encourage clients to arrange their skills assessment even before submitting their Expression of Interest (EOI).

Excellent -assessment

And, keep in mind, for many professions a positive Skills Assessment also forms a major part of your Australian licensing and regulation requirements.  It would be the case for occupations like nurses, doctors, lawyers, accountants, teachers and trade professions.

Things to Consider:

  • Find out if your visa-class and occupation requires a skills assessment
  • Speak to your immigration consultant and ask how they can help you with the process.
  • If your qualification is not printed in English (as is often the case with South African degrees and diplomas) start contacting your places of education and request an English translation of your academic record and certificates
  • Your skills assessment must also be valid at the time you are invited to apply for a points tested visa. If no validity period is shown on a skills assessment, the assessment is valid for 3 years from date of issue
  • Skills assessing authorities may issue more than one type of skills assessment. You must have a skills assessment that meets the requirements for permanent migration.
  • The relevant skills assessing authority for your occupation is indicated in the combined list of eligible skilled occupations
  • Your skills assessment must clearly show that you have had your skills assessed as suitable by the assessing authority before you make the visa application
  • You must also have been employed in the occupation full-time for at least 3 years, at the level of skill required for the occupation
  • Should you be eligible for a 189 or 190 Permanent Residency Visa (Skilled Migrant) then you will definitely need to secure a positive Skills Assessment before you lodge your application.

There are no shortcust to Skills Assessment – it must be done and it must be done right.


“… therefore when asking the question ‘do I need a Skills Assessment for Australia’ the answer is usually yes…” – Australia Department of Home Affairs



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