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Immigrants report to be happier in Canada

The study also compared life satisfaction between recent immigrants to Canada and the Canadian-born population. Comparisons with the Canadian-born population indicate that when socio-demographic, economic and health factors are considered, few immigrant groups differ significantly from the Canadian-born population in life satisfaction. This indicates that Canadian nationals and migrants are equally satisfied with their jobs, income, education, security and health care – in turn reflecting on the country’s generally high standard of living.

Immigrants Report To Be Happier In Canada

While most research campaigns in the past would focus on the immigrant’s economic wellbeing, the new report took the immigrant’s impression of education, access to infra-structure and support services, health care, political stability and personal safety into account after most migrants cited ‘improved living conditions’ as the motivating factor for immigrating to the country.

Respondents were asked to rate their life satisfaction on a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is “very dissatisfied” and 10 is “very satisfied”. Immigrant groups that reported average results greater than 8.5 included those from Argentina, El Salvador, Italy and Nigeria. Moreover, immigrants in Canada from India, Nigeria, Morocco, South Africa, Bulgaria, Romania, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Ukraine, Iraq and Zimbabwe claimed a far higher level of happiness than respondents from their source countries.

The only three immigrant groups that reported lower levels of life satisfaction were those from New Zealand, Colombia and The Netherlands. In the case of Colombia, however, recent Colombian immigrants to Canada still gave an average score of 8.25, which is among the highest in the overall study.

“What this extensive study reveals is that Canada has been, and continues to be, one of the most desirable places to live in the world,” says Attorney David Cohen.

“In a world where many regions are experiencing instability and insecurity, immigrants see Canada as a bastion of stability, security, freedom, and opportunity. That’s why people immigrate to Canada in such consistent numbers. With our growing economy, financial and social freedoms, multicultural and peaceful cities, and varied climate, it is clear that Canada is the place to be.

“It is fair to note that of the immigrant groups that took part in this research, those that had the largest variance from their source-country populations were those who have come from some of the more currently unstable nations — for example, Zimbabwe, Iraq, and Ukraine. But immigrants from countries such as France and Italy also posted much higher satisfaction levels than respondents from those countries. This shows just how attractive a destination Canada is today.”

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